Your room.

looks around Well… It’s large, semi-clean, mostly white/dark blue, and full of dragons! And it’s dead, no atmosphere whatsoever. At least it looks nice.

I need a new battery for my digicam. >_<

TV, Playstation 2 below it cramped up between my desk and book shelf. Then there’s my red armchair, bed and closet, plus the extra wardrobe used for most of my angel collection. The whole room is invaded with angels! :eek:

Maybe I’ll snap some pics of my dorm room before I vacate it, I did so last year.

My room’s kinda tiny, and I share, so there’s not a lot of room. But the walls are practically covered in a load of posters and pictures, and there’s so much junk on the floor I can’t remember what colour my carpet is…or even if I HAVE a carpet. Playstation, T.V.s, computer, shiny new PS2 (yay!)…all in other rooms.

shiny new PS2 (yay!)…

Stop flauting that in front of poor deprived persons such as I…:fungah:

hangs head in shame 'm sorry Evangelion! snickers when she’s not looking and goes off to play more FF10


And Tidus is annoying…

Tidus?Dont you mean Tightass?’s just so funny to me you see.

Yeah, yeah I mean Tightass! LOL. Auron is waaaaaaaaay cooler…goes off into a daydream, complete with glazed eyes

Merl man, shrink yo’ sig. It’s an entire page long on 800x600

I must be one of the few who do not have a television in their room.

My room has many books, CDs, my stereo system on a tall shelf, my desk (which has a makeshift filing cabinet, drawers, my computer and some books), a beautifully carved chess set depicting the Battle of Clontarf (1011 C.E.; fought between the Irish and the Vikings), a small fountain, a chest of drawers for my clothes, a nightstand (upon which is a telephone, candles and my ocarina), my bed (green sheets and blue and green pillows) and my telescope. I have a closet for additional clothes. On top of the tall shelf sits a gold dragon made of plaster and I have small gargoyle amongst my books. I have a small candelabra on one wall and will probably get more soon. Above my desk, my calendar hangs, whose pictures are photographs of Paris.

Originally posted by Sir Percival
I must be one of the few who do not have a television in their room.

I don’t have one either…before my family moved in, there was a lotta work done on my house, which is very old, so the only possible walls that a tv could go on are fake…:frowning:

yeah yeah, I’ll do it when I get home from class. That one just took me a while to format, is all.

I had a TV in my room for a while years ago, but I never used it. Now I just have my laptop and a small stereo… And a plant that must be related to Hyatt - constantly dying but never quite dead.

My room is the smallest bedroom in my house! It is not realy messy, but most shelves have a nice layer of dust!

I’ve had a Tv in my room for as long as I can remember, but I don’t have a computer in there like Xelo has.

Well my room’s faily spartan. I have my couch bed (which is broken and permanently locked in bed mode) and a box where I keep all my stuff on top of. There’s also a boarded up fireplace, where I keep stuff on the mantle, right next to my bed. Between the box and the windows (LOTS of windows, all along the outer wall) I have a chair with a fan on top of it currently.

Then I have my tv and N64 and stand, with a small couch to sit while me and my bros play. Then the door to the rest of the house, then the computer (with cable connection), across of which is several boxes and some plants my grandmother keeps there. Then the front door (my “room” is the enclosed patio, get’s hella cold during the winter., it’s also why the head of the bed points to the door: I sleep in shorts. Very BAGGY ones.) Next to the door is my dresser, which I really don’t use since I keep most of my clothes in a green and while plaid bag behind the small couch. Mostly my mom uses it to keep some stuff on top of, and in some drawers. (I found some shackles in there. Scary. Especailly when she told me about them)

My room is pretty messy, considering all the traffic, and I’m impelled to clean maybe once in a blue moon. My bed doesn’t have any blankets (Well one, if it gets COLD) or sheets, just a comforter and a couple of couch cushions as pillows. I frankly don’t care, as long as I can sleep there I’m fine.

My room:

A tv and various consoles on one end of my room, bed on the other, all of my precious video games sitting on shelves next to my bed, closet for my clothes, my computer against the wall between my bed and tv, and a floor covered in various sketchbooks and magazines.

My room is really small so I barely have room to walk in it.

I don’t have a picture of it, but my room just has a bed, nightstand, my book shelf, desk, and that’s pretty much it. I have a separate room where all of my game systems are.

OMBFG! You can see your floor, that’s more than I can: My room’s floor is littered with books, cds, papers, magazines and dustbunnies the size of horses.

Anyway. The only noticeable features in my room’s shelves, and twenty-eight year old tv, a hardly visble desk and my bed. Oh and I got a closet full of junk.

Cool idea, I’ll take some pictures in a sec.

My room is rather disorganized. My bed is in the back-center area with the TV, PS2, and GCN in front of it. To the right of my bed is my computer desk and printer. The desk is glass top, but it’s hard to tell with all the stuff all over it. I’ve got books and magazines kinda cluttered around it. I’ve got a chest of drawers to the left of my TV which mainly has CDs all over it. There’s also a small table next to my bed with a lamp, a dragon statuette I bought in Australia, and a picture of me and my ex-girlfriend.