Your Pick Up Lines!

People really use such lame excuses for catch phrases?

But seeing almost all of you are single, it doesn’t hurt to try.

“There are (random number) bones in the human body, want another?”

Warning very corny:

You must be exothermic because you’re really hot!

I never use pick up lines. They’re just lame. Mostly me and my friends joke about them. Here’s one that came up: “You wanna go for some burgers and sex?” (wait for disgusted response) “What, you don’t like burgers?”

Hey, Dalton, you’re from Toronto? Which part?

‘Hey baby. Let’s do it.’


How about just walking up to someone and kissing him/her full on

it worked a few times for me…

Oooh, ooh, my two favorite pick-up lines are!

baby, I wish I were your derivative so I could be tangent to all your curves

hey baby, I wish I were your integral so I could be the area under all your curves

i’m not totally sure what you’re saying but it sounds cool anyway

It’s a math joke.

lim mark = 0

Pickup lines are lame. Their only purpose is providing joke material.

Lex, I’m kind of from Toronto, kind of not. I’m actually from Scarborough, which is kind of part of Toronto, I guess. I’m moving downtown in July though. What part are you from?

they might work if the chica you’re trying to pick up has a sense of humor

Erm… what are the odds of THAT? O_o

In order for a pick-up line like that to work, you need a girl with a sense of humour that you know quite well (so that she can tell it’s a joke). And since you know her quite well, you’re not exactly picking her up.

Then the knowing quite well part is the most difficult…


“Do you know Karate?”

Hey man, that’s MINE. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh guys, by the way, “Do you know karate” does not work as a pick-up line. Just trust me on this, okay? I Would Know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brilliant, just brillant.

It would likely get the user beaten up, hehehehehe! :stuck_out_tongue: