Your Pick Up Lines!

Here are some of mine:
Can I borrow your cell phone, because I need to call Heaven and tell God he’s missing an angel

If I could change the alphabet, I’d but I and U together

If you were a booger I’d pick you first

You’re so sweet you put Hershey out of business

Pickup lines don’t work. So I don’t use them.

Not saying that they work, but just post some of your favorites.


My favorites would be the ones that work; since none of them do, I have no favorites.

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TD wins.

I have many favorites.

“hey why don’t we add a bed, subtract our clothes, divide my legs and multiply?”

“Let’s play house; you be the door and I’ll bang you all day.”

“Why is a man so smart during sex? Because he’s plugged into me”

And my all time favorite, “Lay me down you sexy texan and drill me for oil!”

I’ve never been a fan of using chat up lines. If I want a girl to notice me, a cheesy little line just isn’t my style.

Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?

From BN Arcives and Cross Rhythms Rimmaramma:
To Nutty Nat (for when she visted Manchester) (Nutty Nat is the Assistant on Cross Rhythms)

“So how my mad town like?”

Big Nutter
Mike Rimmer Made a Mess of it. It was the delivery.

The last week of school I just asked some of the girls in my class if they wanted to give me a bj… and suprisingly it worked!

Worlds worst pickup line:

“Hey baby…how 'bout I show you my lightsaber and take you to the dark side?”

I always thought How do you like your eggs, fertilized? was pretty bad.

I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?


“SUCK ME, BEAUTFIUL!!!” :smiley:

success rate: about 2/26 and neither of them was me (me and my mates take it in turns with that line). :frowning:



success rate: a big fat zero, which is kind of disappointing, really.

My favourite pick-up line? "


It doesn’t work. 8P

Oh I have another one.

Will you sheath your sword into my scabbard?

Only works on the samurai.

Hey, i was just checking to see if your shirt was made in China, since i heard that in certain times of the year, China could be a lot like heaven, and if your shirt was made there, then you must be like where your shirt was made, well, more like heaven, and not china, since china isn’t like heaven all the time.

I wish you were a goat so we could have sex

Do you like Cake?
wait for yes
So do I, lets copulate