You will all suffer in ways that I have not quite thought of yet

That is all. Thank you, next person to do the bandwagony thing is target #1.


Can we come with suggestions?

zero’s the hero

I blame myself.

We all do.

No more whips and chains using your hair?

I thought I handled the situation quite nicely, but yeah, what Zero said. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank god its over.

This is actually why I stay away from here more and more; too likely I’ll jump on a bandwagon, too.

Suggestion noted.

In retrospect, I’m glad I decided not to jump on the bandwagon.

:spam: So’m I!

Heh, I find it comical that some of you don’t believe Zero with bring down a major example of fury upon your asses.

I belive it. Oh, gods I belive it.

And that is precicly the reason why I didn’t jump on this bandwagon. is dragged off by a lynch mob

I still havent gotten a title change, and that was from a joke, damn it.

You know you can do it yourself?

You can only do that if you have 1000+ posts or are a Staffer. SD is neither.

Ok. Counting down until the next trend pops up, everyone apologizes without really getting the point, and it all happens over again:

3 months.

You see, the problem isn’t that people don’t know that these kinds of things are stupid and piss at least some other people off. We’ve had plenty of bandwagons/assholery criticism before. Continuing it throughout the years, regardless of the negative views of such things, maybe it’s that the idea of it being something you shouldn’t do hasn’t sunk in yet. A ToB isn’t necessary. People can behave. They can post intelligently, or at least politely. A solution to stupidity isn’t giving it a place to fester. It’s removing the stupidity. Every time something like this crops up, we’re collectively warned about it. A few months later the beast spawns a new head and there’s another round of somehow “bad” behavior, whatever the latest trend is.

I want to ask everyone how they think something like this can be solved. I don’t like rules to be tightened too strictly. I like being able to be mean to someone who I think deserves it, and call people stupid, too. Thus, I don’t want to suggest the MODs go on a spree of strictness, 'cause that’ll kill the fun we can all have if one of those die-hard “FF7 is better than everything” people show up (though I guess by now, 2004, they’re few and far-between, huh?).

They’re still around, Trian. It’s just that a majority of them still haven’t figured out how to get to message boards yet. God help us when the 10th anniversary of FFVII comes around, I say.

Though Trian beat me to the reasoning phase of things, I’m kinda surprised that someone said that this was the reason they didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Shouldn’t there have been other reasons too? Like, maybe, it wasn’t all that funny, and it used up a lot of space?

Oh well. This is why the internet will some day be regulated by congress funded space nazis.

No, no. Part of it is that people do think it’s funny or entertaining, or they wouldn’t bother to take part it in. The countless times that people have reacted negatively and called such things stupid or annoying doesn’t seem to matter.

And, Sat, I think your the first person to call me something other than “RPT” in the past few years. I love you, you and your DW-liking self.