You will all suffer in ways that I have not quite thought of yet

I will guess that the bandwagon in question is all the “My name is ____” threads, and the sudden appearance of flaming threads. If this is the case, I’d suggest you staffers just keep doing what you’re doing, things like this happen every so often and you’re doing great. I used to be a moderator for Helbreath Portal, a forums dedicated to the MMORPG ‘Helbreath’. It was a very large and active community, and things got chaotic every now and then. Just deal with things on a subjective basis. Don’t doubt yourselves, and don’t get overzealous.

If I’m way off-base here, I apologize and please correct me.

Helbreath, hmm? Was the game any good?

Don’t hurt me!!! :runaway:

Why do you think I don’t jump on bandwagons?

Believe me on this one, if it’s not a major example of fury, I’d be disappointed.

Zero’s a fwuffy wittle bunny =3

It’s quite identical to Diablo2, as far as gameplay, weaponry and magic usage. It’s more of a focus on player vs. player, than vs. monster. It started as a strictly Korean and Japanese server, but the International version has been around for about 5 years now, and the USA server has about 2 years under its belt. Being a former 3-year HB International server gamemaster, I can tell you it’s pretty fun if you don’t mind spending a lot of time training. If you’re interested, I’d check out the USA server. The servers are housed in the US, but players from all over the world play there. It just lags less, as there are only about a thousand players on, rather than two or three, as the other servers. HBUSA offers two weeks free, and allows you to customize a free level 50 character rather than train those levels yourself.

Due to extreme bandwidth costs, the administration of Helbreath Portal closed their site (it was a private site, not company affiliated), but if you have any questions at all about the game, don’t hesitate to PM me.

Kay. I’m not getting something. Is bandwagoning posting to get a free post after someone has made a spam thread or something? Or is it making fun of someone just because another person is?

OK, what messy brawl did I miss THIS time? :booster:

Bandwagoning is when people post prettymuch the same thread topic over and over again within a short period of time, or some definition near that.

Example: All the “My name is…” threads.

Well, if I recall correctly, when you joined there was another person here with the word “Paladin” in their name (as there is now), so I tried to avoid the “P” part as much as possible, to avoid confusion in my mind. That, and, when speaking, “Trian” is less syllables than “RPT.” :smiley:

Well, I haven’t even been around during this bandwagon, but I still fear getting to close to the soon-to-be puddles of goo that angers the admins/mods.
So I’m taking the threat seriously…
(Or at least as serious as I can take it after I realized that I have some Zero semi-pr0n on my HD O_o
Can’t remember how it got there though…)

Pokefreak, after saying that in one of Zero’s own threads, I think you should get more worried.

Yar, If you think I should Jump on bandwagons. I think I’ll Take the Next Week off.

At The Keskick Bible Convetion, That do nicely.

Big Nutter
Nutter’s To Do: ‘Sprite’ Mike Rimmer (Nutty Nat’s Boss)

When did I say anything about you? And I just think you should just stop capitalizing words indiscriminately.

And posting indiscriminately. >.>

And what is that in your avvie poke? Is it a MtG creature?

And as for the wrath, I say do it. We need some 'round here.

But “The Wrath of Zero” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Yar: I know, I would be scared, but I just couldn’t help it.
I’l sure that that image got there for a reason, so I’m just trying to find out who put it there and why. That’s why I mention it to the one person who should know:
The one on the picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Cala: Yes, it’s a Myr (Mirrodin block, Memnarch’s little helpers) but the image itself is from some old article at wizard’s homepage (I think it was Myr Week or something). Just dig around in their archives if you want to find it…