You know who I miss?

All the women that used to post on this board. What happened to them? They all either turned out to be men, or stopped posting when they got into a relationship with someone from this board and broke up with that person. Or, I drove them out with the sheer power of my dominating will. Or they stopped posting because they got the momentary attention they wanted from every guy at this board because they were a girl. I mean, all we got now in Nulani, and she’s a skeleton, and also she doesn’t leave anything to the imagination what from being a skeleton and also being covered head to toe in a robe. I miss the days when Cala and Valkeryie were women and also existed. This place is a total sausage fest.

I pretended to be a girl once, I could do it again if you like.

Nothin’ sadder than an unemployed bikini inspector. This economy really has affected everyone.

No kidding, even my part-time job as a wallet inspector is running dry on the profits. I’ll have to lay off my assistant soon.

Oh yeah, and what am I? Chopped liver?

… mmm, ragu…

I’m still here. :frowning:

I just don’t post as often as I used to. >.>

Other than the lack of new members in general, some threads do read like a boys’ club.

It has been 6 years and even though I have had literally hundreds of relationships in that time. I have yet to find a girl that compares to your sister. I long to feel her lips against mine once more. And I can still remember the way her hair smelled… I don’t remember where I was going with this. Oh it had something to do with you being sister to the one that got away. 5,000 miles away. So you don’t count as a girl, you’re more like a sister in law so it would not be appropriate.

. . . cough

This thread just went rhetorical.

Oh, so this is more about you feeling like chopped liver rather than you treating Trilly and me like it?

I think this is just about Charlemagne over compensating again…

I’m just picturing Charle in a trench coat with a cigarette draped over his slightly hung lip, on the tarmac near a airplane, looking like he’d just gotten his insides kicked out as he says, “Hello, Jing.”

Weiila/Trillian, I did not meat to make you feel like chopped liver. It’s just that I rarely see you post so I figured you were done with rpgc. I apologize. Do you want me to write some fan fic to make it up to you? name any number of characters from any tv show/anime/earths history/movies. and I will find a way for them to have sex with eachother.

Arac, That’s exactly how it went. I ended up walking home with my african american piano player.

After shooting a nazi, right? Or did you not have a surly, yet vaguely good-hearted French cop around to cover for you?

That’s, ah, sweet, Charle, but I’m good when it comes to fanfics. I think I’m going to go find something really awful to rip apart right now, actually.

You could start with Charleblanca, the riveting tale of an American in Sweden torn between a desperate fight for freedom and his love for a lady whose name can be made into a pun.


Charlie, is this your way of asking the dudes of this board to “put on a dress and apply a little makeup” nicely? O_o;

I don’t want to ask you to do anything. I just want you to do it.

yeah,how about igrnore me? ooh! well I bet it is because

  1. you’re a cunt.

  2. you’re a cunt.

  3. you;re a cunt.

  4. you dont have any balls.

  5. you’re a cunt.

gee, 4 out of 5! my score is improving. now stop whining about your swedish crush or whatever it was that showed you paradise the couple of seconds that your mind left the boundaries of your sorry-ass country for the first time in your pathetic life, get your act together and start making decent threads that actually make any sense OR ELSE well or else nothing except that you will probably give some kind of witty reply now to publicly display something that resembles self-esteem and then move on to cry in one of the disgusting sleazy corners of what you call your room and what 99.9999999% of the rest of this earth’s population would call a rat hole. also, randomness.