You know who I miss?

What the fuck is this. I have to do a quick reply instead of a normal reply? Or is there a way to do a regular reply and it’s just more difficult to do. I hate this quick reply bullshit. Do you guys remember when if you clicked REPLY it would take you to a different window and then you would click SEND or whatever? I liked that. Now we have to click reply and it takes us to a little box at the bottom of the screen and you type your message there. That isn’t any fun. It’s stupid. I miss the old way of replying too.

It still does that. Note the “Reply to thread”- button. Imbecile.
(And “Go advanced”)


Jesus Christ, Charle, stop being so fucking creepy.

Stop your mom from being so fucking creepy.

You know who I miss?

General Bonkers.

I miss that cat.

DT. I…I think I love you. :’)

I love you too Trilly. <3

…and I only faintly remember making that post last night. o.O But I like the swirly colors!

Rereading this thread, the desire to post pictures of my nephew only increases.

I love how every thread Charle makes just turns into people just flaming the shit right out of him.

Ooh, more-than-friendship between two gir…ALL GLORY TO HYPNOPOST!

It’s the return of the Naked Lesbian Twins! (in a bag, was it? ) :hahaha;

No, they were (in my pants).

Are DT and Trilly really twins?


Damnit trilly, they found our albums.

Well, thank god he didn’t have any of the BEFORE Proactive photos of me.

I’d shred that.

I don’t know, DT. I once fell pretty hard for a girl nicknamed “skeletor.”

This actually legit made me laugh lmfao