You guys are gonna have an aneurysm.

If you dont listen to the awesome nirvana song also titled “aneurysm” but listen to the live version from the muddy banks of wishka cd, not the album version cause the album version is alot more boring.

I think he wants attention. :stuck_out_tongue:

Attention? At least I dont have a gigantic pic in my sig that screams “look at me, look at me”.

Thats a heck of a thing.

I just had an aneurysm and it felt good. I have the correct word, right?

No but you like evangelion so you cant be to bad.

I’ve never watched Evangelion at all, to be honest with you. I just needed a cool, gracious, female sounding name.

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Your right, Eva does, but you DO have an avatar of a man screaming “Look at me daddy! I’m a fucking retard! Hurray for america, lets blow shit up! Woooo!” and lets not forget his best speach EVAR!!!

“Tribal sovergnty means that… its sovergn… … … your a… your A… Youve been given a Sovergnty. And your viewed as a sovergn entity… … … … nods and therefore the relationship between the federal government and… tribes is one between sovergnentity…”


You’re one to talk Izlude. His avy is of something he supports. Yours is of an anime girl giggling her boobs. Big difference.

I find it amusing that if it was, for instance, Charle posting something like this we’d all go along with it, but since it’s someone no-one particularly cares for certain people are jumping down his throat when all he did was make a song recommendation. Bravo.

That’s because people here are idiots.

I was actually saying that jokingly, since I know BushWins2004 in real life (nope, not lying).

Pierson is absolutely right. Shame on us.

IT’S “YOU’RE”!!!111111111`1``

But anyway, if I ever find it, I’ll listen.

But see, Charle has been here longer than me, and he doesn’t have a username that disgusts me. This isn’t a frickin’ political forum.

If it’s not a political forum, why should a political name matter? Charlemagne isnt an RPG name. It’s a Holy Roman Emperor’s name. This isnt a frickin’ history forum.

You dont know bushwins2004. Bushwins2004 is an alien from a distant planet. Party with animals.

I dunno about you, but I support boobs all the way. :biggrin:

Zero can tell you our IPs are similar since we live in the same area. Ph33r the admins.