You guys are gonna have an aneurysm.

Nirvana sucks.

Are you done yet? Lately it seems that all you do is run around from thread to thread correcting my misspellings… Half the time, when I am typing responses, it is very late at night. So really, I dont care to misspell somthing, and no one on this forum has really made a huge deal of that sort of thing till now, so really… “why?”

The first time was to help because I see it misspelled all too often. This one is because there used to be a guy named MegamanX2K (how I miss him) who was a Grammar Nazi and would explode over the misuse of “your” or “you’re.” And it’s always cool to be like X2K. :smiley:

BushWins2004 lives at stonhenge. I am the computer wizard.

This man is, sadly, the only one on topic.

Whatever happened to X2K? I thought he was pretty cool. Oh, and I think Nirvana’s ok.


Kurt Cobain blew his brains out with a shotgun

that was awesome

I dont mind Nirvana now that they cant make anymore albums… lol


Haha, what he says is probably true. A lot of people I know just don’t want to vote for Kerry. My dad is voting for Naytor (I can’t spell his name so I’ll just spell it how it sounds… >.>;)

Also, I don’t really listen to much Nirvana, I’m not too much into the grunge thing, I’ll check this song out though, if you think it’s that good.

And, Pierson, I thought it was also a little odd. It didn’t surprise me though, it happens here all the time.

Okay, that was either incredibly stupid or an incredibly bad joke. Have I not made it clear to you that I hate Bush almost as much as Michael Moore does?

To get back on topic…

Stop reading my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhh, dude. I said people that I know, I didn’t say you in particular ; p

Nirvana is tolerable, when it isn’t overplayed.

and Bush is down 7 points in Florida :slight_smile: (with Nader running, down 9 without)

It may be old news… But you guys were arguing about Avatars/Sig pics. And you call ME sad.

Nirvana, don’t know much about Nirvana or much music actually.
Also, Dark Knight you forget about Absentee ballots from military personell overseas which will add a considerable amount of votes to Bush’s total in your state. Or the democrats could try to discount them like last time.

EDIT: As of August 25th Bush is up by one point.

We never spammed either.