Hi all. I’ve arrived. Yup, I’ll be around.



Hello and welcome. :wave:

A parade to honor you.

Yay. Parades are fun. I want a balloon. I am currently reading old posts to get a good feel of the forum.

It’s not that kind of parade.

well then, you will soon find out that we hate it when newbies read old posts to get the feel of this forum! naw i’m just kidding. welcome aboard! EATS YORU AFACE!!DIOS~~^ ARAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGLHGLVVHHVLBHLHBLH!!!1

You sound like the nicest guy here. That’s great. JDNFHDBYVBRHF B VKMDNVHRBVIBEFB7474Y784ERGFHRBT 4JHTBIBFDDVBRITUBRJVH DVJ456789 AND 2.

Someone with a Zell avatar :yipee: How YOU doin?!

I like FF7 more, but Zell is da bomb. He should have been in 7. Anyway, yea. Good good.


And remember:

Winners don’t use drugs.

Zell was an ok character. Seifer was better.

I read Zell and Seifer yaoi everyday. It’s very satisfying and completes my life in ways you can never understand.

And I hope never TO understand.

Edit-If that’s what you like then that’s what you like.

I claim both “Winningest Member of Forums” and the “Most Addicted to Everything” awards.


You Fallacitator!

I wonder who wins “Most “Special”” award?"

Clothhat, you live in the Bay, too, huh? Where at. I’m in the East Bay.

::doh:: ::dekar!:: :fungah: HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :victoly: :victoly: :victoly:

Welcome. Enjoy your stay. Exits are located at the front and rear of the forums…not that it matters, since you’ll never escape. :mwahaha: