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All I can say about this: Biker Shion.

Oh, and KOS-MOS has a bellybutton, why the hell she has that is beyond me. It only further supports my theory that Kevin was actually trying to make a lifesized sex doll with military money and had to make compromises down the road.

Also, Xenosaga 1-2 for Nintendo DS for those who don’t want to watch the movie and just want the gameplay…hopefully it’d be improved.


Biker Shion man, Biker Shion.

Heh, you can see Allan in one of the shots though, and he’s still in the original Vector uniform.

As for diker Shion… I mean Biker Shion, completely off from how she was during Ep1. The new KOS-MOS though, I like.

Shion dosn’t look so sweet and innocent anymore. T_T

:moogle: Kosmos stole Kid Icarus’s shoes! :eek:

It looks like they’re putting Shion slowly on the road from nerd to slut. Episode II was just the midway point.
KOS-MOS looks kickin’, though.

Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy (he gets a gun!)

I never truly liked the original Shion, so I didn’t mind when they made her whole persona more aggressive, and I like the new outfit. KOS-MOS indeed does look ass-kicking and from what I see on that small pic, MOMO’s face is now again less freakish-android-like. I gotta say I like how this whole thing looks.

Now what really worries me… Soraya Saga is no longer writing and that shows severely on Episode II. They used bits of Soraya’s script on the last game, but it was still not the same. I just hope whoever the heck is in charge now doesn’t go further down the road of making the games “easier to understand”.

EDIT: Can anyone translate the name/sub-title? There was a rumor that it was going to be Thus Sprach Zarathustra and I’d like to confirm/deny.

Shion would look less slutty if she didn’t have her shorts already half-unzipped. It looks horrible. :stuck_out_tongue:

And KOS-MOS goes from battle android to hooker-bot.

Or maybe its the other way around?

:moogle: what are you guys talking about MOMO the slut. I mean look at her. always hanging around Ziggy like he’s her personal bitch.

Shion! Holy guacamole.

That’s what I thought.
She undergoes a laser eye surgery in Xeno 2 and now she looks like Paris Hilton.
There is a Playboy issue featuring video game ladies – I can certainly see Shion and Kosmos making the cut for the sequel. Maybe even as a centrefold.

They will do to this series what FFX-2 did to FFX :frowning:

Except that they already got halfway there with XS2, which completely lacked the gravitas of XS1 in the first place.

Am I the only one who wants to get the DS version for Xenosaga 1 and 2? Maybe it won’t take one hour to get to the first save place this time. :smiley:

Or one hour to get to every subsequent save point. -_- That’s one thing XS2 fixed.

Well, obviously the idea in the XS series was to slowly build up the characters as they went along. Shion going from Nerd to Babe, and KOSMOS from robot to human, does makes sense given the whole soulsearching aspect of the game. Thought I think they’re going a bit TOO far with the new look. Maybe motivated by not-as-good-as-expected sales?

What really disappoints me is the focus on the SAME characters over again. I was hoping XS would be a more sweeping Saga. (My favorite, btw, is Ziggy. Except the name, of course.)

And please, don’t tell me all the characters start at level-one all over again? ::dekar!::

By the way, did anyone else notice the small print saying that this would be the last one in the series, as opposed to having three more after it like they were saying until now?

I’m personally glad it’ll end with Episode III, a trilogy will be nice and neat. Plus, the last episode of any trilogy is usually the best one, with the second being the black sheep, so anyone who disliked Episode II should still give III a shot.

Me, I don’t give a damn about the Xenogears relations, even though in one image there Jin is clearly dressed like Citan…

I saved and uploaded two much clearer scans to my RPGC OL space:

Image 1
Image 2

The second image, top. It’s Jin and he’s clearly dressed like Citan. It might just be an Easter Egg thing, or perhaps Namco decided to be jerks and tease all the Xenogears fanatics. Personally, though, I just want to see a resolution to the story of Shion and co.

It looks like Ziggy gets one helluva nice gun, in that second image. :biggrin:

One thing though.

The XS series has already disappointed me to all end. I refused to play more than 1 hour of XSII 'cause it sucked that much. Even games I dislike, I tend to play more than that. Hell, I played Graffiti Kingdom for at least 4 hours before saying “Fuck this.”