WTF!? What the hell happened to the Tower!?

:hyperven: Where is the Tower of Babel and who destroyed it THIS time!?

The Dark Tower draws in all, supports all, ends all.

There never was a Tower of Babel. You saw NOTHING. It was probably swamp gas or a weather balloon.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Im sure someone knows, i dont, i could have sworn that it just collapsed, but im not sure. That is a good question though.

And yes there weas a tower of babel. They were trying to bulid their way to heaven. but it never happened.

Someone’s stupid today.

Don’t believe NightmareGun, he’s just an evil propaganda-spreading commie pinko >:E

Not what he was talking about. Its gone, Ry. It was a waste of space.

If someone is stupid its you. Obviously someones history teacher sucked. Or you weren’t listening.

whoops…never mind.

For fuck’s sake. Just stop :stuck_out_tongue:

thats ok, i think ill keep going on. No, it just be a waste of my time because you all just dissagree with everything i say any way.

If you didn’t spout such pointless crap maybe we’d agree.


bull crap. There was a tower. You were all taught that it didnt exsist? What has happened to the truth. Its been put under the rug. Theorys rule the world now. The truth no longer nmatters. What the heck is happening to this world?

NG: there was a forum here called the TOB. That is what we’re talking about. Not the Biblical one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

theres only one tower of babel right?

Way to make an ass out of yourself.

Great, now that you asked where it was, it will never come back

Last time i checked there was only one, unless they built a new one. Which i doubt.

Bit of a Stephen King fan, are we? I dig his Dark Tower series, and not just because it has a crackhead and a black character.

“Fine, there are other worlds than these.”

Mr. Gun:

We are talking about a forum that used to be on RPGclassics called “The Tower of Babel”.

You are talking about a story in the bible.

Let this sink in before you post in this thread again.

As someone has mentioned, Mr. Gun… there was a Tower of Babel put here as a forum. It was a place where all the nonsensical threads went, which is why several people miss it (because they could post whatever the Hell they wanted, no matter how obscenely stupid it was).