WTF!? What the hell happened to the Tower!?

After all video games and tech support discussion was separated from the main board, it is now the main forum.


Man, couldn’t you guys have egged him on a little while llonger while I was on my way home? I hate yoiu all!!!

Get back to work you damn bum, you can post on the internet when you’re off the clock.

Dear fellow agora users,

Im sorry I was talking about a totally different thing, and making a big deal of it.

Sincerely, Mr.Gun(I like it, thanks for the name)

really im sorry, and char, i thought you would have come and tell me im wrong, but it looks like you are too late. I laugh at you Hahahahahahaha!!!

Wasn’t that some sort of “Spam Hut”? This Tower of Babel thing ya’ll are yappin about?

Wonders why there are eleven people looking at this topic instead of something…well, better

I think it got out of hand since people that would post in ToB would post weird stuff in the main forum or it created some kind of other problem, so it gotten taken away.

However, we still have the testing forum thank God

I cant still call you a gullible fanatic.

It was fun at first, but it got out of hand. Too many assholes that didn’t understand that “random” and “funny” aren’t the same, plus we all got a bit edgy by the end due to… certain users. We shall miss the NLT, but you shall move on towards a new future filled with unfunny repetitive flash movies, angst bitching and politics like the rest of us did.

And, uh, I highly doubt the Biblical Tower existed.

And yes, The Dark Tower owns.

ok, i knew you were joking, its called sarcazum(spell check) and SE, get a life.

Just wait, one day they might find some ancient ruins or something…it was in the Bible.

Don’t ruin it for me Cala, but I haven’t read Wolves of Calla or the last few books yet, does the series end in a non-crappy fashion?

:no2: :no2: :no2:

ps: se is cool get out

Aww, that’s cute he thinks the bible’s a historical document.

And I never witnessed the ToB, but judging by the people here I can imagine what it would be like.

i shall never get out. I’d rather be hated than loved, so you get out devilion. I dont care how long you have been here. Ya mullen, it was in the Bible that men were going against God, and didnt want to live for Him, and so they tried to get into heaven a different way, by building a way there, so they thought they could build it to heaven. God a bit later changed there languages, and they all got confused and traveled to different parts of the world.

Yeah, man, Jonah was eaten by a whale and then started a fire to make him sneeze and then it coughed out Jonah. Then david swung a sling into the giants face, and he was all OWWWW, and then that guy stopped the sun and the earth was created in six days.

C’mon, Gunny, Do you REALLY beleive all the storied in the bible?

NMG… why the <i>FUCK</i> do you bring up biblical things when you know shits gonna happen when you do? Why? Does it just not click?

yes i do. I wont argue with you right now. So lay off!!!

mullen basically had a question and i was telling the story, if it offends you so much, just dont read anything i post.

A lot of what is in the Bible is quite obviously parable. Even Jesus himself has said that he relays what his message is in parables because it’s so complex that it wold be nearly impossible to tell it outright. Also, if the Tower of Babel was destroyed, at it’s pitiful height, then why isn’t New York City leveled?

We won’t lay off because you’re just so…deliciously stupid.

well those buildings werent made for a bridge to heaven, those were for buisnesses and companys. Also living places.