I just watched Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, and I gotta say…that’s good stuff!! It’s really cool, and you have just GOT to see it!!

…Has anyone here? Just wondering, because I don’t see anyone here popping in anything about that…I don’t think…

I’v seen it a few times. It’s ok to me. I just couldn’t get into it. But I’m still trying.

Heard of it, never seen it. What’s the difference between Crash and Crisis?

I’ve seen some, but I saw them out of order, so I didn’t really get what was going on. So I thought forget it, but it did look pretty good.

There are a few differences. Do you want me to give you the dictionary definitions?

I know the new one is made from a different anime company since the company who did the original went out of bussiness, but kept the original line art and desings. Which is why the new one looks so different from the o.g one. Also I know one of them has a craptacular ending ( I cant remeber if it’s this one or the original, I think the original one thought) because they were short on money, and ran out of funding to finish it the way they wanted it too.

The new one (Tokyo 2040, the one I’ve just seen) seems so much better in animation design, and by the sounds of what is mentioned in the series, the original seems pretty bad…

The original one is pretty good. It’s just it never got the ending it deserved, due to the budgey cuts.

Tokyo 2040 is soooooo cool! I mean, wow!! I have never seen the original, so I can’t state an opinion, but I have seen the cover, and I must say that yeah, the animation design in the new one is better than the original.

there was also another 3 episode series that took place after tokyo 2040, but i forgot the name of it

From what I can remember.The original Bubblegum Crisis was pretty disapointing. As I mentioned earlier, the studio ran out of money and had to cut the series short. Originally there were going to be 13 episodes, so obviously a fair amount of story was left out.Aside from the budget problems, ARTMIC and Youmex had a falling-out, mostly due to creative differences. As a result, BGC never ended the way it was supposed to.

Bubblegum Crash, while quite inferior,but it does offer some clues to the original intended ending as supposedly many of the original ideas were reused in Crash.

Now, as for the new Bubblegum Crisis 2040 series, which while influenced by the original, is pretty different from the other series.
Since the company who did the original went out of bussiness, they kept the original line art and desings. Which is why BC 2040 looks so different from the original BC and BC Crash.

I think I only saw the old one. I liked it, too bad about the budget cuts. The story was getting interesting. As for the 2040, I wish I knew where to find it.

Eh…? You should just be able to find it in your video shop. It’s under Manga. Try that…or have you already…?

That or try a best buy, or other dvd store by you. It’s not that much of a hard to come by series.



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That too. I get all my music from there. And I use it to test drive an anime series I’m not to sure of.

Hm…never downloaded anything from there. Don’t even know what it is! Care for some details…?

Downloading Program. Can download a lot of stuff. But mIRC is safer. I get all my anime off TD,Dark Sand, Epic Gamer and VampireKiss.

Thanks to all of you.

Meh. I perfer Kazza more.

I saw 2 episodes, completely randomly, but wha really struck me about that series was the robot design…looked like a cross between macross and virtual on…