Wow. Banned because Bush has chicken legs?

Just wow…

Blippity blobbity boo

Sweetcookiepie, just shut up. There are a dozen other people like you who’ve posted on these boards saying the same stupid things about the ‘hate-Bush’ bandwagon.

If you actually understood the article, you’d see that SS isn’t posting it to show his ‘hatred’ for Bush - the article is about American nationalism in certain parts of the country. In other words- people who hate the people that don’t support Bush. Like you.

I doubt SCP even looked at the article. There isn’t even anything about hating Bush, and how the fuck does the draft even fit in to anything?

Yeah, you should really make sure you know what you’re talking about first.

First, I will admit I do not like Bush. I never have.

Now: Curtis and Frame are correct. I was merely professing my amazement that someone would be shallow enough to ban someone from their store simply because they made a comment that Bush should work out.

However, I fail to see how you could connect my dislike of Bush with this article, which wasn’t even pro- or anti-Bush. It was an article about nationalism being overblown.

So I find your comment as monumentally shallow as if I said I disliked Bush because he has chicken legs.

I also fail to see how the draft fits into this, outside of a desire to see those who do not like Bush be sent to a war theatre and be killed in combat.

Although Frame does raise an interesting point: Before you make a comment that I hate Bush and should be drafted, or any other comments of the like, read the article.



I apologise.

Heh Apology accepted. Just be sure to read the article before you comment.

Hmm, I got a new nickname for Bushy…

Wow. Uh, how would she know what Bush’s legs look like? I only recall seeing pictures of him in a suit. Huh.

Still, that’s a rather stupid reason to ban the person. Oh well. I guess it still is the Borders prerogative.

For some reason, I’m reminded of a certain episode of 8-bit theatre involving King Steve.

Anyway, that is one of the stupidest reasons I’ve ever heard for banning someone.

Why did George W. Bush cross the road?


I can think of worse.

I’m sorry, The Cheat, but you’re banned because your appearance defies not only description but also memory.


<on topic>

Oooh, Baby got a temper…maybe.

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
[b] I can think of worse.

I’m sorry, The Cheat, but you’re banned because your appearance defies not only description but also memory.

Mnyemeh! [/b]

Ah, poor Cheat.

And poor person that was banned. Just making a joke about the president’s appearance shouldn’t be considered anti-american.

Wow. That is just fracking stupid.

“Bush has Chicken Legs!”

I’ll admit something like that willingly :slight_smile: Then again, I’m by no means a Bush Booster.

Something’s wrong when our country is run by a Colon, a Dick, and a Bush… :slight_smile: (I think Chris Rock said something along these lines)

What do we need jokes and funny stories for? We have the real world!

Meh, the store manager is probably some uptight dude. Nothing new. =P

I agree… Stupid uptight pro-Bush idiot…