Would like to hear from any former members of the "RPG Pioneers"

Back in the early 90’s i was a member of a nationwide group of gamers who bought Japanese Super Famicom RPG’S and tried to struggle through them even though none of us knew the language- How did we do it? by trial and error playing the games and by exchanging information with each other and buying Japanese strategy guides for the games- Some of the games we played eventually came out in English like breath of fire 1 & 2, Lufia 1 & 2 , Chronro trigger, Final Fantasy 3- others never did like Silva Saga 2, Madera 2, Dragon Quest 5 & 6 and the game all of us agreed was the greatest RPG ever made- Monster Maker 3-That game blows away FF3, Dragon Quest 5 & 6 , Chrono Trigger put together! We all felt fortunate because we got to play these games before they came out in english and some of us even helped game developers at Nintendo play through the Japanese versions of these games they were considering for Super Nintendo- That is how i got my special Lufia watch- another guy in the group helped Nintendo with Breath of Fire and got a very special memento of that game for helping which i was fortunate enough to see- We called ourselves the RPG Pioneers- i would like to know if Randy Ranzono, David Presnal or Robert Palmer of Merchantile , N.J. are members of this board or any gamer might know them and tell them Linda still likes the RPG’s and is still trying to finish Monster Maker 3 and Silva Saga 2-i can’t tell you the fun you guys on this board miss now when we all were working on some place that was hard to get through on Breath of Fire 1 -Super Famicom version- and one of us would discover the answer and call up all the others- working through one of these japanese RPG’S as a group effort was my happiest gaming experience- here is one of the ones that never make it here- Silva Saga 2-

You, dragonquester, are like the retired adventurer who helps train the hero, as per the relatively standard stereotypical passing of the riegns to a new generation. Thank you for being here and sharing “war stories.”

Tell me more about this monster maker 3 please… anything that can beat ff3 is worth looking into.

The one and only perfect “10” game!!!

You can find a ROM of MM3 at the download sites( Ha! i own the original cart with box and manual- paid $114 for it at Pony toy store at Yaohan mall) then at gamefaqs.com look up MM3 under SNES and there is a faq walkthrough- try it - even if it is in Japanese this faq will get you going on it- here is a rare item- strategy guide for the Super Famicom- Romancing Sa Ga–

Monster Maker 3’s music is pretty fuckin’ atrocious; I just checked out the SPC soundtrack of it right now out of pure intrigue. 75% of the songs are just ridiculous and meandering…and all the rest, save for like 2, are just plain boring. If the music is any indication of the game’s quality, then nah…I would bet this game isn’t that hot. :stuck_out_tongue: The graphics are nothing special either.

And can I just say how funny it is that one of the guys in your little crew was named Robert Palmer? I bet he found these games…Simply Irresistable? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

a page from the Final Fantasy 6 character portraits book

Dragonquester, did you ever play any of the SNES “Super Chinese World” RPGS? And if so, what did you think of them?

What does this have to do with MM3? We’ve all seen these pictures. They’re nothing rare.

Only said i was going to sick Cayenne on the guy who gave me trouble about the MM3 game- and i am sure you all have that Japanese FF6 character portraits book like me

No. Some of us have gasp no video game paraphernalia at all!

I have a flesh replica of sephiroth’s masamune.

Yeah well I have a huge penis! LOL!!! Oh wait-

I can’t even get the game here much less the artbooks. And we aren’t in Japoland, the name is CYAN.

I don’t remember playing the Super Chinese World games which were made by Culture Brain- but i do have another RPG by Culture Brain called Super Ninja Boy-i still have the box, game, instructions- i remember it was a very hard game- i haven’t played Super Ninja boy in 10 years.

The name in the Japanese character book is Cayenne and i bought FF6 and the character book in a “Japoland” ( i love what you call it!) mall called Yaohan in Little Toykio in Los Angeles.and i would like to tell the rude asians who worked in the stores in that mall to stick it up their Japoland- nice to see a site where “political correctness” is not observed and you can speak your mind-

Yeah, instead we only care about stupid things like double posting! LOL!!! Sorry

Yep, I’ve got that one too; it’s one of my three favourite RPGs. That’s the North American release of Super Chinese World. The Super Chinese series of games have been around since 1986, with the most recent release being a GBA remake of Super Chinese 2: Dragon Kid.

Speaking of which, do you have any promotional or concept artwork… heck, do you have anything you can scan from any of Culture Brain’s games?

There’s a big jump between calling nicknames and being racist, watch it. Half of the people here don’t even know what Cyan’s original name was so it would be better if you used the one we all know.

What are letters, anyway? Phoneticaly, Cyan and Cayenne are pretty much identical. Who cares if you use different swirly lines to represent the syllables?

You talk a lot about the Super Famicon :frowning: