Would like to hear from any former members of the "RPG Pioneers"

Because I read letters.

JAPOLAND!! Hades, come to Japoland with me :3

Thats not being an RPG Pioneer. Being an RPG Pioneer would carrying your RPG boat on your head as you trek through the mass amount of shitty RPGs and then riding your boat when you find what you were looking for…a good RPG. And if wasting money on RPG Crap is considered being a pioneer I’m glad I’m not. And as far as I’m concerned you’re not a pioneer at all. I was playing Dragon Warrior with my dad when I was 3 years old. I’d say thats being more of a pioneer than wasting cash on importing a Super Famicom.

Cyan would be pronounced (phonetically) Sigh-Ann as opposed to Ki-Yen. Calling him Cayenne makes my mouth hurt.

If you pronounce either of those as “Ki-Yen” you have some serious english defficiencies that need to be dealt with by early elementary school grades.

Although this organisation of pioneers sounds interesting, I have never heard of them until now.

I’m with Jango on this one. Buying stuff makes you a pioneer? I don’t get it.

Furthermore, proclaiming yourself to be a “pioneer” is pretty self assured.

Okay, at first I thought you were being friendly, but now it seems like you’re just being an arrogrant wench who just likes to show off her random game crap at a game sites because no one in real life cares. I don’t even know how many of these threads you’ve made in the last week. It’s ridiculous. We all like sweet RPG swag, but you’re just gloating.

Please ignore Epic…and most everybody really. I find some of the stuff you’re bringing up interesting. I never imagined that there was a little society before the advent of the internet that seriously looked into import games in this way.

I’m sure most people here are searing with jealousy from all your awesome swag, so they lash out at you in an envious rage.

But I’m with RPT. I think your stuff is neato.

I think it’s neato, but I also think 10 threads in a week about “OMG Look at all the cool shit I have, worship me as queen of the nerds” is a bit much.

Cayenne is an actual English word, pronounced Kai-en, (the first syllable rhymes with “my”). That’s not a lot different from Ki-yen.

Yes it is. Kai actually has the “a” sound in it. Ki would basically be making up a syllable completely unrelated to the letters in “cay.” It would be like saying dog spells cat.

Either way, softening his degree of wrongness doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s still just plain wrong.

I am not a pioneer. But I will however admit that I am probably the most awesome person I know.

I’m a pioneer of funk.

You’re a pioneer of nubs

I declare Ramza unfunky. BM1, Hades, remove him from my presence. -_-

I’ll kill you.

oh bitch bitch bitch

It’s n00b, Lanyx. A nub is an ending of a lost limb.

I’m a renegade of funk, BTW.