WOTW - Niiice

See the title… War Of The Worlds is a nice movie!
It has a couple of scenes which were sort of weird, but niiice otherwise!

Has anybody else out there seen it?


Just got back from it. We had a manager’s preview that my friends and I got invited into. It was indeed quite nice.

Just tell me that the aliens don’t suddenly drop dead because they were TOO STUPID to realize Earth’s microbes would kill them and then I’ll go see it.


I might, Tom Cruise is pretty dreamy after all swoon

Right on Wil!
But there is definitely a lot more backing to it now… or at least a lot more arse-kicking! On the alien’s side that is.

But it’s definitely a good-to-watch movie!


… and here I go again… being the ad. Haha.

I heard it was really shitty.

I will not disclose whether or not the movie does indeed suck or not, as that I have yet to actually view this film.

I really don’t find him too attractive. He does have a nice smile though.

Xenu stacks them around volcanoes, and blows them up with hydrogen bombs.

Hey, just so you all know, I have the radio broadcast in my staff folder. Its been there for like a year. Since whats his name was going to get everyone to do the voice acting for it.


here you go.

I doubut it was Xemnu, since he’s still part of a giant alien’s Teddy Bear collection. (I think.)


And Tom Cruise is secretly a member of the Thought Police, and an enemy of RPGC (remember that from my first RPGC Xmas story?) Don’t be surprised if I use him again one day. :slight_smile:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenu READ IT AND WEEP!

That better fucking be the ending. It’s actually thought out and logical.

Amen, I thought the ending (as it was written and shown in the movie) was a really great bit of irony. Good ending.

Charle: Sorry, but I had ALREADY read that (after the scientology thread we had the other day) I just couldn’t help mentioning Xenu’s even more absurd soundalike Xemnu. ^_~ Expect more horribly punnish comic references in the future, haha!

984 and Iz: Logical? Alien beings with the technology to travel (at least) millions of miles in space, attack the Earth without bothering to check for biohazards first? And while we’re on the subject, what’s with the tripods? Invincible or not, killing people one bunch at a time will take years. We have nuclear and biological weapons that can do a better job, why don’t they? Face it, folks, WOTW is dragging around old Sci Fi concepts that have been invalidated today. (However, I heard that explanations for these “errors” were given in a TV miniseries -something about the Martians just being drones sent by another race to test us first, or something- but I never saw it, so I can’t tell.

In any case: I’m not watching the movie in theaters unless I know I won’t leave it groaning at logical absurdities.

It’s a fucking movie. If you’re watching it hoping for things to be logical, you’re going for the wrong reasons. It’s a holywood film, not some film student’s random bullshit smattering of things that are supposed to make you think.

Right. Invalidated. Uh huh. Cause we know aliens have invaded earth and remembered to wear their biohazard suits while doing it. Oh, wait. No. That never happened.

Maybe they thought their ships or whatever would protect them from the bacteria and germs and shit. There’s no way they could protect themselves against every possible pathogen, and all it takes is one semi-nasty one to wreck havoc on a virgin immune system, just ask the American Indians. So yes, it is a logical way to kill them, especially since at the time the story was written, there was no way for humans to fight against the aliens. If you’re going to produce a movie that’s an adaptation of the book, it better follow the key parts of the book, in this case the way the aliens were killed. However, I guess you just wanted Independence Day Part Deux.

Wilfredo Martinez, you are a moron.
Just kidding, you’re a nice guy!
But seriously, you don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about. The origional book was written in 1898, long before we even started to attempt to split the atom, and do you really think that most people would even consider thinking about the bacteria killing the aliens if it weren’t for that book? And even if they would, then who’s to say that the aliens know as much about Biology as we do just because they have kickass spaceships?

I just saw it today. Decent I suppose.

The thing I didn’t like is why the hell did the son live? He should have died. And I don’t think they explained enough about how the aliens actually died really. And they also should have shown how the fuck the son made it all the way back to Boston. Pffft.

Other than that, it was pretty good.

Wow, what an awesome way to start a nice BIG flame thread, eh?
984 (#12), I agree with you there, it does work, and it’s an alright ending for them all… but the ending was a bit too much of a sort of “feel-good” style ending for WotW…
Reason for that?:

I think exactly the same… it didn’t make much sense that he did… BIG explosion… two seconds later?
But you can never expect explanation in any movie… especially things like this… can take a while, and nobody’s in it to make a nice 8hr. long movie…

What you (will say (:wink: 984, is true, nearer to the end of the book, a little more science was chucked in and more was explained than in the movie… as it always is with a ‘book to movie’.

As Wil says in his next post, he has given reason for that, yet has not said, as you said, the reason for ‘the logic being fucked’.

The movie was a nice adaptation, so it was only doing what it wanted… it still could’ve done with a little extra explanation, yeah… but it was only a frickin’ movie, so you can’t expect anything really great… (as much of WotW as it is…). You’ll always get people pissing about it, and EVERYTHING… but why do you pick at every singly detail? I do so myself with some things… but this is redundant!!

~ All is in creation, therefore, none is in logic… did Picasso have a set ideal that he followed? Or was it “Perception”? ~


Wow, what an awesome way to start a nice BIG flame thread, eh?

Not on MY part, I only care about making my point understood. I let others decide if they’re valid. And I NEVER insult, or let insults bother me. I only SOUND juvenile, folks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Steve: Actually, ALL stories are supposed to be logical to begin with, UNLESS the authors decide to make them unrealistic, and in that case they gotta let the public know first. I’ve enjoyed tons of stories that made little or no sense at all, but if something is defined as Science Fiction, I like it to at least try to make sense. Other people can of course, enjoy things THEIR way.

984: Until an Alien Invasion actually happens, we’ll have to go with our logic as to what should happen. I’m not saying Earth’s biosphere couldn’t kill the aliens, I just want a good explanation of why, not just: aliens drop dead, I guess it was microbes, The End. And adapting a book that has been invalidated by time can be done in TWO ways, you can update it to modern logic OR you can do a completely faithful adaptation, but you have to explain that first, or face ridicle. (Imagine adapting From the Earth to the Moon knowing what we do about Space Travel today? Would make an interesting fantasy, but not good Science Fiction.) Oh, and Independence Day had plot holes you could drive trucks thru.