WOTW - Niiice

I seem to recall Wells being more certain about microbes killing the aliens. And how has the book been invalidated? You keep saying its ideas have been invalidated, but how? Foreign lifeforms coming into contact with germs and bacteria they have never had to build up immunities for then dropping dead IS good biology. It happened, as I said, with American Indians. There’s no reason to assume it wouldn’t work on Martians.

…Um, 98, did you read my post well? I clearly said I believe that microbes could kill them. I’m questioning why they weren’t ready for them, or why they chose to go after us one at a time rather han use superweapons to wipe us off more effectively. And I was wishing that IN THE MOVIE they don’t gloss over those points. These are things the modern reader/viewer (at least the picky ones like me :stuck_out_tongue: ) wonder about.

Would you please do me the favor of making sure you understand my points before debating them? You took what, a minute to respond? There IS a reason I post in Message Boards and NEVER in chatrooms, and that’s it.

Anyway, I’ve made my points, so I’m done here.

It’s kind of hard to understand your points when you twice say WotW logic has since been invalidated then you don’t say how it was invalidated. Besides, it took me five, not one. >:(

As for superweapons, that’s because they didn’t have superweapons in 1898. Wells wrote what seemed fanciful at the time. In movie logic, maybe they didn’t have superweapons. Maybe they wanted to quickly colonize earth, and nuclear fallout would have too long of a turnover time. Maybe it was their form of dressing in camo, getting drunk, and hunting. No motive is ever given for the aliens, so there’s no way to discern why they may use the weapons they do.

As for why they weren’t ready for microbes, like I said earlier, maybe it was a sense of complacency. They thought their ships would protect them. They could just have horrible knowledge of biology (advanced space travel does not necessarily mean advanced biological knowledge). Hell, they could’ve eradicated viruses centuries ago on their homeworld, and doing so led to them forgetting about such things or dismissing them as trivalties.

In the end, you have to gloss over these points, unless you want something hokey like having talking aliens with subtitles and shit. The Wells story wasn’t about all that stuff. It was the panic and mayhem caused by some new threat from space killing humans and causing destruction. In the end, this is just another destruction movie except with aliens. Trying to find the motive and thoughts behind the aliens is just nitpicking and trying to find faults.

Nicely said, and I understand… it’s a good thing!
Sorry for the flame-age… about flame-age… … yes.