Worst NPC (non-controllable character) in an FF?

So many to choose from…

I’m going to go with Mr. Coates for his horrible fashion sense and typical “I can dish it out but I can’t take it” attitude.

Mmmm. The Invisable Bloke off FF1 for NES. Worst 'cos you walk straight in to him and then you end getting stuck for a while.

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More to come…

Worst NPC? Hmm, there are a few to choose from, but Square usually take the effort to make them at least tolerable. Even the speaking ones from FFX like Howling Mad Maechen and Oaka, are decent characters.

That said, though… I certainly didn’t shed any tears when Don Corneo got his in Wutai, the fat gobshite, he was just a bit too sleazy for my linking. Shinra in FFX2 can be a right pain in the arse too, especially when it comes to sphere break. :-/

Scarlet from FF7 is hella annoying, but it was so much fun bitch-slapping her that she can’t POSSIBLY be the worst…

So I guess I’ll say Arvis from FF6.

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If by worst you mean most evil and diabolical, it’d most likely be Kefka.

He didn’t even have much of a reason for being bad, destroying the planet, etc.

I’m gonna have to agree with nebagram. The Don pissed me off.

1.) Kefka’s a villain, not an NPC. NPC’s are people who don’t fight ever, either FOR or AGAINST you at any time in a battle screen.

2.) Kefka was a bat-shit insane sadomasochist. I think that’s actually a good explanation as to why he did what he did.

Arvis, The Bloke that stares at half espers when they are asleep! (Locke is exused, He trying toppull).

I think Brother (FFX & FFX-2) could of been most annoying NPC, except you play with him in Blitz pool, and therefore not an NPC.

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Not true NPC’s can fight. the only thing about NPC’s is that they are a Non-Player Character.

I’m going to have to say Don Corneo as well. I guess Leblanc was pretty annoying too.

Damn, forgot about leblanc, she pissed me off no end at the start of X-2- as well as her overly-camp sidekicks, lard lad and pencil-neck X-(

LeBlanc. I have no idea who Arvis was.

See Hiryuu’s Post, Arvis gets a Paper cut.

Rachel! Even being dead, she seemed to keep Locke and Celes apart, sob sob! Well actually I just never liked the whole “I was his first love and I’m dead” role. It’s the same with Tomoe and Kenshin :cool:

“Lard lad” had the best attack ever tho! HUGGLES! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA… he nearly killed Rikku with that…

Anyway, Banon was stupid. …but he was playable… SHIT. Um… Meh, how about Arvis then. He was pretty lame too.

(Worst Attack - Defeantly the Battle before Cid joins your party, He just Shakes his Bum! )

Lool, forgot about Palmer, he was a wanker as well. Who puts f**king lard in their tea!?

Yeah, but he got hit by a truck, so he gained a few cool points.

And survived… proof that a lethally high cholesterol level is an acceptable risk, at least it means you can bounce. :-/

hmmmm. i liked Leblanc. The sadistic chick herself though, her goons were punks. Now as for worst NPC… Lukin(Lukan) from
FF1 was pretty useless. A prophet turning into another mindless “warriors, save the orbs” people.
FF2, Paul the thief. I cant remember what his name was in Origins, but he should have joined your party sooner or later. I mean, he’s got a freakin house. What kind of thief owns a house ?
FF3, Cid. I hated FF3’s Cid. Was it the beard ? or was it the “Lets make one of the worlds only airships into a bomb !!” part. I cant decide.
FF4, tough call. Gotta be that stupid dark elf in the sealed cave. I hated that whole part.
FF5, So far, the king of the water kingdom. "Err, it happened there, it might not happen here. The odds are for it, but lets hope it wont, err bangs wrist on chest ".
FF6, FF6’s Cid didnt impress me either. “Like, wow, i worked in this building my whole life researching magic and espers, and never foudd this room before! I was just lookin for the John.”
FF7, Don Corneo, i hated. for obvious reasons. He was a pedo-rapist. Good enough reason to burn with hate for someone. FF8, i hated Dr. Odine. “I vant yu to shat aap. I yam a princess. Votch me as vind a vay to ultar mai jen dar. Votever.”
FF9, Lani. Normally i would like big breasted axe-weilding redheads. But not this one shrugs.
FF10, The whole Luca Goers team. Bunch of air headed jocks.