Worst NPC (non-controllable character) in an FF?

I agree on the Luca Goers Team, they were the most egotistical characters in i think all the FF series.

I’ll have to say the mayor of Narshe. He basically didn’t do anything except one time when the Returners wanted to protect Tritoch the esper. After Kefka destroyed the World of Balance and turned it into the World of Ruin it seems he just died. Also Arvis as well, guess he just died. That papercut gif was pretty funny I’m gonna use it on my desktop or something.

Do the final fantasy legends games count? and what about final fantasy adventure. Those games had some pretty annoying npc’s

His yellow raincoat thing is ugly too.

Brother and LeBlanc from FFX-2 score high on the sheer annoyance meter.

I kinda liked Logos and Ormi (Great quotes, Logo’s ‘Yuna recording’, and Huggles!) but LeBlanc…ugh. She gets an annoying voice, is shoved into the storyline to annoy you even more, falls in love with “Noojie-woojey”, has the most demeaning outfit for a Final Fantasy character I’ve ever seen, and Yuna is forced to massage her (with all sorts of nasty imagery coming out of LeBlanc’s quotes during the scene). Her only upside is her awesome, embarassingly named battle theme; “I’ll Give You Something Hot”.

Brother changed from a reserved Al Bhed into a nutcase that goes screaming around the room at the first mention of Yuna, his cousin. No thanks… I prefer Barkeep to him in terms of character development.

In FF7, the Don and the annoying combo of Heidigger and Scarlet.

In FF8, the Queen of Cards. Damn, her sidequest was annoying. And I disliked Ellone too.

What’s to dislike about Ellone ?

The dancing girls in the taverns…Pretty lame. The ones that would dance their little numbers after you paid to see them. Hated them.

I hated biggs and wedge in both 7 and 8…grrrr the tick me off!

Tromell from FFX and X2 just annoyed me

Oh GOD yes -.- It made me almost wish they were real so I could whack the lot of them…-.- wanders off before she gets accused of being a moron again -.-

To tell the truth, I’m not quite sure exactly what it is that annoys me about her so much. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s really even more dull than Squall is.

The fact that to get the Laguna card you have to play her in a Random game. >_>

Those Jester Dudes from FFIX. I fecking hated them.

It’s a shame Steiner and Quina’s in your party. I hated them too.

Damn there really was a lot to hate in that game. No wonder it’s the second Sucktasticular FF.

Brother in FFX-2 got on my nerves pretty quickly too.

Zorn and Thorn? Those were quite possibly the BEST NPCs of all time! Personally, I liked Don Corneo as well, but I’ve already made enough enemies for today.

Worst NPC in an FF game . . . hmmm . . . so many, but I’ll have to go with Priscilla from FFVII, and her best friend, Mr. Dolphin. Her only redeeming factor is that she gives you Shiva.

Ohh them. My friend and I used to impersonate them on the net and speak just like they did and harass people from a town called Salisbury in England. Although one guy got too fed up, thinking we were one of his enemies out to get him, and he told the police on us. They couldn’t really do anything, obviously. Long, long story there.

There are a lot of crappy NPC’s, but since you never actually control Sephiroth, I’m going to have to go with him. He wasn’t really that bad, but I’m sick of all those Sephiroth fans out there who think he is so cool. He wasn’t that cool!!! It’s getting really annoying.

bliniks Um…WHY ?? I mean…Oh never mind I’m about to go all stupid again -.-

Princess Sara from FF1 >_>
And also Ellone for points already mentioned.

Whats dull about the ability to communicate psychicly(sounds funny) with people you know, and send their conciousness into the past with the possibility of altering it to change the present and future ? I find it pretty facinating, actually. But then again, i always said i was born 100 years too late, or 100 years too early. I know if i could influence the past in such a way, i wouldnt have such a gaping hole where my heart used to be(it’s the old wound that never healed, it didnt close up properly) (no closure, to the metaphorically challenged). Isn;t that really why Ellone wanted to alter the past ? except instead of her own emotional anguash, she did it for Laguna’s ? (so he could see the baby boy Raine died giving birth to… or something like that)