Worst FF games?


I can’t count FFI,just because if what it was trying to do for the time, even if it hasn’t aged well at all.

Other than X-2 and Tactics, I think the worst for its time was XII, and the worst overall is probably 2j or 3j, which I haven’t played, but their reputation precedes them.

3j isn’t that bad. Its just really old school Nintendo Hard.

I haven’t played 2j yet but if it comes out for the VC out here then I might (although I still have Origins 2 to finish slogging through).

If we’re counting spinoffs then anything FF with the number VII in it. Also the TA games. Also Reverent Wings. Not too sure about the Wonder Years as I haven’t played it yet.

Main series wise its either 2, 7, 8, 10, or 12.

FFTactics - the usual reasons
FF10-2 - a bad attempt at a sequel
FF5 - droll, uninteresting music and a dull villian

All of FF5’s compositional genius was invested in only one song: Battle on The Big Bridge. There wasn’t enough left over for the rest of the soundtrack :stuck_out_tongue:

This post makes Fate in Haze sad:


Probably 2j and XII for me. Luckily, XII International does fix some of the game’s flaws by making some things less irritating, but doesn’t fix the bad plot. 2j just hasn’t aged very well at all. I made one or two attempts to beat it, but it’s rough, so I never finished.

3j on the other hand, is one of my favorites.

I just mentioned FF X-2 on the “worst games” thread, so I’ll go with the same pick here.

I don’t understand the X-2 hate. I really don’t. “Oh Square just sold out and turned Yuna into Lara Craft”. OK, fine, maybe they did. But the game was fun as hell, the graphics were amazing, the job system was cool, the story wasn’t bad, it probably had more humor than any other FF title, the music was insanely good and very memorable, the optional dungeon was a ton of fun, and depending what jobs you used and what items you didn’t, the game could even be challenging.

So, why exactly did X-2 suck? And don’t give me “they sold out Yuna”, because she was boring and generic in X, just like every other mindless innocent heroine in every other RPG.

The humor sucked, the dialogue was atrocious, the story was barely there, I got bored of going through the same places in the same order 5 different times, and once you got the dark knight sphere the game became easy as fuck. Oh and the graphics weren’t amazing - they literally used the same engine from the first one. The game was fun, yeah. Everything around the game was shit. It had nothing to do with “OMG THEY SOLD OUT YUNA” Or whatever. At the time I thought it was odd, but I went with it. Oh, and they didn’t need a sequel. The last game’s ending was beautiful.

Oh, I will say it was better than Advent Children, if we’re comparing sequels to beloved FF titles.

Oh, and FFXII wasn’t bad at all. I really got into it. I was disappointed at how strong the story started, and then just kinda leveled off about 6 hours in.

Original graphics included the job outfits & the CG; yes, of course they reused the graphics, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have been able to make it. I get people not liking X-2, but worst game ever? That’d be FFVIII!

Just be glad they never followed through with X-3, with Rikku as the main.

Agree, it started so strong, and then just completely faded out. Could have been an amazing story, but they wasted it.

Yeah, they just inserted new graphics into the existing engine. They still could’ve made it (Why couldnt they?), it just would’ve taken longer. It’s not the worst game ever, It’s the worst FF. My only problem with FFVIII was the draw system, and the sudden final final boss that had little to do with anything (Just like FFIX, actually)

FFX-3? Yeah, thank god for that.

Sure, they could have, but it would have been a big waste of money / resources, and delayed other games. If they had created a new game world, how many more copies would they have sold? Probably not enough to justify the expense.

With all the remakes and spinoffs, they’ve left FFVI alone, other than Terra in Dissidia. Good thing or bad thing?

SHH! No, it’s definately a good thing. They’ve already wrecked the legacies of two great games, no need to fuck up any more.


Three games.

Let us not forget about the Wonder Years after all.

Nah. (cf. old FFVIII threads.)

testudo erat numen is actually pretty good. as for the worst, as a blackwing player i would have to say that gust the back blast is the worst

:moogle: I would have to disagree mate. I would say that FFIX was the best but FFVIII would be the 2nd so chip to you!..yes I am british.

I agree, its a pitty that the designer didn`t have time for their work;)