Worms and Engrish. Two greater goods into one game!

How’d you do that?

You kill stuff, raise your rank. And win.

It’s a Double-Iron Ax that you can make a Guild, and cost 20k.
No, apparently it’s at Silver Ax that you can.

Oi. Expensive. But fun. Frankly, I suck. I ahve maybe 500 god, if I’m lucky. I make maybe 50 a game rolls eyes

You have to win to get any amount of money SS :stuck_out_tongue:

And Steve = Stevus

I know… this game is biased against losers. It sucks.

Not really, just play on solo and die really fast. Then just hope your teammates won’t be pissed and get money from the slots. I figure you can get about 100-300 gold if you die early and in a 4vs4 game.

You get 400 gold from winning in a 4v4, then all the nice shots you can do can get 200-300 more gold. Especially with the Grub, they’re money maker.

What makes you feels better than dumping 2 people on the hole, one after another, and make your team win as you where the last one standing? :slight_smile:

I have 22k gold. 8k to go.
That like, 10k gold today :smiley:

I did bettah. I had a bigfoot, my teammates were all dead. Opposing team were 1/4 and odds health. All 4 of them.

Wasted 'em all.

That nice.
But I prefer dumpin’ them in the hole.
Its funnier. The big foot is a digger mobile, after all

Edit : And they all had 75% health when I did. I was at 33% or so.

Edit #2: Rar at my new avvie

When did my comp decide to crash? When I started a brand new game of GB, with 3 newbies ready to give me their money, oh and when I put it on random and get the Dragon >_<

Gah, any suggestions on how to speed up the loading of games? I’m consistently the last one to finish, and I’m on a fugging CABLE connection.

It’s nothing to do with your internet connection, it’s to do with how fast your computer is. Your computer is loading up the map, it isn’t downloading it from the server or host.

Try closing all background programs and freeing up some memory.

I tried a new mobile today. The Raon Launcher.

People usually used it for digging people down holes… I didn’t.

Shot #2 is too fun to not use it. Mines! Mines! Keep shooting and they keep accumulating till they all seek the enemy tank and blew on him :smiley:

Fun fun fun

Bah. I’ve used Lightening for a week now and mastery is still far, far away. first, I’ve gotta learn the stage distaces and starting angle setups >:)

…Good thing I play only a few games a day now. I was wondering what the heck was going on the last weekend (24h of playing the game Fri-Sun)

I play random, and I have finnaly acheived the rank of Double Stone Axe, full marine suit…a Gunshot, and saving up for a flag thingie.

I registered. My acount’s GilaMonster. Still about 50% left for the download though.

Lucky Lun, I want one of those gunshot. That and a wizard robe.

I got a Mage Hat, and a blue flag, along with a marine suit. That all. I gave my Marine hat to Ez. I’m at 15k gold, I think.

Spent all my money on Storm Hair, and I wear space marine armour. Next up green battle goggles, then some kind of weapon, maybe that 55,000 spear…

EDIT: I’ll just fix that…

Why the fuck did you buy space marine? The hat and armor are given to you for free when you hit stone hammer.

SD I didn’t buy it, I AM stone hammer.