Worms and Engrish. Two greater goods into one game!

Just look.

Saw it at my friends house. It is indeed like an MMO Worms (the one by Team 16) with less weapons.

I can only see this:

[b]Active Server Pages error ‘ASP 0115’

¿¹±âÄ¡ ¾ÊÀº ¿À·ù


¿ÜºÎ °³Ã¼¿¡ Æ®·¦ ¿À·ù(C0000005)°¡ ¹ß»ýÇß½À´Ï´Ù. ½ºÅ©¸³Æ®¸¦ °è¼Ó ½ÇÇàÇÒ ¼ö ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù.

Microsoft VBScript ·±Å¸ÀÓ ¿À·ù error ‘800a01fb’

¿¹¿Ü »çÇ× ¹ß»ý: ‘CreateObject’

/main.asp, line 32

BTW Nul, your link starts with a double ‘http://’

Originally posted by Ren
[b]I can only see this:

BTW Nul, your link starts with a double ‘http://’ [/b]

That’s what I saw too when I fixed the link.

It’s down at the moment.

A fansite, it seems to be nice.

Man Nul, I’ve had that thing for a few hours now, but I’ve got NO idea how to play it.

From what I’ve seen though, it’s hella-fun.

Only the main page is down.


Helluva fun indeed. I like Lightning >:) Post yer usernames!

I’m regged as Mabatsekker…



It takes like 10K to buy anything decent…


I’ll take Ice, that make a good team with Mabat ^^


I suggest anyone reading this get this game, it’s really fun.

It would appear that their server is down.

Lightning’s my wagon and Bigfoot’s my second. Be aware of the man who wants a Finnish flag! (Darn game doesn’t have a Finnish flag, even though they have, say, the Iraqi flag or the flag of England)

Fun fact: The word britain is banned :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s because it was programmed by them darn Scots!

Folks, if you don’t believe me, believe THIS!

Maba, I haven’t seen an English flag on it?

Anyway, My username’s Urkani (Whoa, that was unexpected).

Their site has more down time than the San Diego Padres.

Christ. Gunbound have long downtime. Are they making it a hobby to see how long they can keep servers off befor theire servers get flooded by emails that it’s explodes?

Mayhaps it has downtime during a certain time of the day so they can check if stuff is okay and update if possible?

Mind you, I’m no genius on this area, but… maybe?