World of Warcraft

So, I now have this game, in such a manner that fits my MMORPG rules. So, you guys should all advise me on what classes rock for Trolls. I’ve already got an undead priest, but I want a second character, Troll, for when I get bored of undead cannibalizing and what-not.

Troll + strong melee class

Troll + Shaman

Those would be nice maybe?

Trolls aren’t a strong melee class. Classes have the same stat growth no matter what race you are.

Just be an orc warrior. Trust me.

There isn’t really much of a difference between the classes. My advice is to take whichever class you like the leveling environment of, or like the look of.

If you’re going to do a lot of PvP-ing, tauren’s a good bet. In Battlegrounds where almost all of the objectives involve flags, an AoE stun racial helps significantly.

Just be an orc warrior. If you absolutely cannot be an orc warrior, be a Tauren warrior. If not either of those, then at least be an orc shaman.

Demon: I was looking a little more towards melee, I think, since I’ve already got the priest, a Shaman might be a lot like that, and I’m looking for a little character difference.

Lanyx: I will not play a Tauren. Ever, bu if Orc warrior is really that good/broken, maybe I’ll try it. Right now, though, I’m looking for TROLL character. Ones with tusks, mohawks, and pale greenish skin.

Curtis: Different classes have different level environments? Which is the easiest, to level/most fun to play, would you say, between Rogue, Fighter, and Hunter?

Omega: I don’t know too much about PVP possibilties for the my “play style” given that there aren’t too many people around in my “play style” and literally all of my friends who play are Alliance.

So, I guess I’m really asking:
Troll Hunter, Warrior, or Rogue?
Oh, and is Lanyx just fucking with me about Orc Warriors?

He’s not fucking with your with orc warriors. They really are good.

Out of curiosity, what server are you on?

Human warriors are hotter though, right Kag? >>

I had an orc warrior and I hated it. I was protection spec, so that probably had something to do with it. A lot of the warriors I know, and they’re good ones too, tell other people not to waste their time with warrior alts. Its slow and frustrating.
What’s nice about the orc warriors is that they get stun resists, which in PVP really pisses people off. Tauren warriors will have more hp and warstomp has its uses.

I really enjoyed my undead priest. I went shadowspec and destroyed everything in existence. I’m not sure if I like it more than my Night Elf Druid though. My druid is the fucking bomb. I went feral spec and later got NS for NS+ heal and to be a better healing support character. I was a better tank than my warrior (hell, than pretty much all warriors up to level 60 and even then I probably could compare if given the chance - just with pvp gear - not the epics even - the druid has 13000 armor, almost 16000 with a lay on hands; its ridiculous for damage absorption and there’s plenty of resist gear I could get my hands on if need be), I did really strong damage with my cat form, I could stealth , heal, etc. I made a fortune farming herbs on my druid, I was farming herbs in winterspring at level 36 and fishing eels in tanaris at the same level. Its a great class to play and don’t let anyone tell you they’re second rate tanks or DPS. Its the players who are second rate. The downside is that druids at 60 are not the dps machines they were on the way to 60 so you’re more restricted to healing and tanking , and more likely healing since most people are almost always short on healers if you’re raiding. Shamans and mages are the things I’ve seen do the most damage in the shortest period of time. Destruction warlocks I hear do a lot of damage and they’re really fucking inbalanced with their fear. However I can’t stand playing a warlock, I find it too slow. I like solid bursts of DPS. Mages are great fun for that. I absolutely loved my mage. If you have a priest friend, AOE farming is awesome. Its easy, fast leveling.

My suggestion is, whatever you do, get something with healing. I can’t stand playing classes that can’t heal or get out of combat (read: warrior). At least a rogue can vanish if he wants to GTFO, or he can stun and run or prep, stun, run, etc. Shamans are ridiculously imbalanced. Most of my alliance friends make fun of melee shamans. I don’t blame them. I’ve seen a shaman do a 3800 CL followed by a 2000 earthshock on my druid. There went the flag. Being able to heal is what’ll allow you to keep fighting things and I found it really frustrating to be stuck not being able to do shit when I had several mobs on me, barely a couple levels higher. With a druid, shaman or priest or mage, you can heal (well not the mage), you can crowd control effectively, you can pick your fights and you can fight prolonged fights without wasting a fortune on potions.

Out of those choices make a troll hunter.

But if in the end you want to have the most fun, be either an undead shadow priest, an orc warrior, or an orc shaman.

Kagon: I have the right not to incriminate myself.

Lanyx and Sin: Thanks for the answers, I’m seriously considering an Orc Shaman based on Lanyx’s three recomendations, and Sin’s description of Shamans.

My bad, I didn’t mean classes, I meant races. there are all-consuming differences between classes :stuck_out_tongue:

Get the troll and I’ll provide you with fitting soundtrack. Or choose another class and troll their boards, cities or whathavethey.

Shamans are pretty imbalanced, but they’ll never be able to beat the melee damage of true melee classes. They can get some very nice bursts though due to Windfury and other things. I’m a huge fan of warriors- mine is human on Sen’Jin. I’m fury spec, so the dps I can kick out is absolutely insane. You don’t get to see the huge MS numbers or the bursts like what Sin posted, but you get constant pretty high numbers.

Healing is an issue, but luckily, I’m always playing with a priest, so it never becomes too much of one, even though she’s shadow. Sin definitely makes good points though- as a warrior, you really don’t get to pick and choose your fights too much, heh.

If you have a priest friend that’ll play with you all the time, by all means, make a dps warrior. If not, avoid it.

Right now I’m mostly playing my priest since I hate classes that can’t heal (found that out with an Orc Warrior), but Shaman is pretty evidently banned on my server. . . an unkillable monster that does forty damage a hit is guarding the area of the totem. Guess they decided Shamans were too imbalanced and couldn’t be used.

Gain a few levels and you can probably ignore that monster while you do the quest. Sounds like a pretty shitty server

Warriors: They are horrible to play until 60, but when you do get to 60 and get your gear you become a walking deity. I had a warrior to level 40 and I stopped to make my rogue and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t regret it. ;_;

No way, I’m level 46 right now and I love being a warrior, it’s so much fun to just run up and beat the shit out of stuff.

I get what I pay for. Actually, a whole lot more than I paid for. A few qests are broken, and the Shaman’s pretty much off limits, but I don’t really have any complaints.
I was thinking of just going and leveling, but Shaman kinda sucks when you can’t get any of the totems.

Then I might do a warrior after I max my priest, so I can just send him stupid amounts of gold when he’s a level one and whatnot.

My priest’s level 30 right now, with a horse he can’t ride, but he’s getting there. Speaking of which, are there any good instances a level 30 priest could survive solo and make exp fast? Not many horde players to group with. . .