World of Warcraft

If you can solo an instance it’s way below your level and not worth any experience.

Yeah heh, instances aren’t for solo exping. At level 30… Just go grind undead in duskwood (deep underground to avoid alliance). There’s some chapel at the top of Ravenhill, go into it.

What level are the enemies. I’m pretty cool grinding in Ashenvale if that’s the same thing.

They’re like 27-29 or 30ish. The thing is that there are a lot of them in a very small area.

The felsomething in Ashenvale’s the same way, only it also involves hunting down and killing my alliance friends when I get bored of grinding. I don’t get any exp, but there’s nothing like shamelessly casting devouring plague on a poor bastard level 6 Druid, just because she refuses to help you crack the language code. It’s a fun way to heal yourself and piss off your friends all at once!

Anyway, thanks for all the help, everybody, I don’t think I’ve ever made a help request thread before and it was really cool for so many people to turn out and give me advice.