Women loses 13 pounds on McDonald's diet

McDonald’s Diet

There is some truth to it.

You could lose plenty of weight on a McDonalds only diet. Just eat it for months until your arteries clog and you die, and then watch those pounds literally wither and die from your body!

Interesting read. 8)

Yes, very interesting…the tiny thing is that he IS expending too much energy. by the end of the diet he’ll be too tired to do anything, & he’ll gain everything back.

No there isn’t.

His secret? One hour in the gym doing cardiovascular exercise and weight training five to six times weekly.

The truth was that if you excersice that 5-6 times a week, you’ll probably lose weight

It’s like he said, the key is exercise. As long as he keeps exercising regularly (something you should do no matter what), he’ll be fine. Even if he stops exercising, as long as he eats healthy after that he’ll still be fine. You can more energy by exercising. You might be tired for a bit after you do it, but you’ll have more energy afterward. However, like DZ said, I’d be more worried about the colestoral (spelling?) from that food.

But his blood pressure went DOWN. Chloresteral would make it go up. This is wierd.

That’s common sense. The point of Supersize Me is that most people who eat McDonalds DON’T exercise, and end up looking the way they do because of their unhealthy diet. This little experiment is retarded.

Supersize Me’s point was that with the amount of exercise normal people do (not much at all), McDonalds food is not healthy. By doing all that exercise this guy is invalidating his own argument. McDonalds only put ‘with regular exercise their to avoid lawsuits’. If they could get away with just saying ‘McDonalds is good for you’, they would.

edit; fuck you Eva. -_-

I could see someone losing weight but probably is not very good for him/her in the long run

It’s not even a woman…

Heh, it really doesn’t matter what you eat. Unless you’re building abs… Abs are built in the kitchen, not in the gym. But yeah, anyways. All those diets, the low-carb whatever bullshit are built for the lazy shits who sit and their ass hunched over everyday and wonder why their back hurts. And how is it bullshit? It’s showing how you can enjoy yourself as long as you work a bit. I eat fast food plenty and I’ve gained 60 pounds in the last 2 years! You should see then/now pictures.

It’s common knowledge that when you get to a point, you can eat whatever you want, so long as you exercise then you will maintain your ideal weight. The health problems that stem from eating foods such as McDonalds isn’t the weight gain/loss, it’s the effect of the fat on your system. The fat will eventually clog your arteries which will cause heart problems.

Can’t you just burn that off like any other fat?


This article is about a man. Not a woman.

Well, here ya go, a (semi) intelligent view on dieting & fast food chains.


BTW, it’s from www.illwillpress.com

LOL, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? He’ll be too TIRED? If anything he’ll be MORE energetic. I’ve been working out for over 2 hours at LEAST 4 times a week and I’m not tired. It’s impossible to expend too much energy, as long as you dont die. Ohhhh man…

Sorry, I thought that by expending more energy than you take in, you get TOO tired.

Hah, don’t be sorry. He’s still getting plenty of energy, just… not as quality energy as he could be getting I guess. And he’s still getting energy from sleeping and all that shit.