Woman is carrying......WHAT?!?!


:noway: :noway: :noway:
:no2: :no2: :no2:

I can’t even begin to imagine how Christains would react if they are this.


Um…prepartum psychosis…? >.>

One of my mum’s friends in college almost hacked her husband to death while she was pregnant, so I’m not too surprised that this husband would think his wife was possessed.

Scary! 0-0!!!


Good for her, this must be a great accomplishment for her. She should feel proud.

Wow, Trill! But I wonder how a woman with a 4-8 pound weight in her belly can be that destructive O_o

Back to “Satan’s” kid:

They believe Satan took control of her body during a ouija board session.

10 bucks a catholic priest said it. They hate spiritism just like the nazi hated the jew.

Residents are raising money to pay for a medical examination which will be followed by an exorcism if doctors say it’s necessary.

Thisis even more absurd. A doctor can recommend exorcism only informally… If he does put that on a paper or as a recipe, he may lose his medical license.

Damn ouija.

[SquirellyTheSquirel] Now we must wait for the birth of our lord and savior, hehehehe!

…k, i don’t know what to make of that. can’t be good. but umm, she drank urine? apart from the fact that must be hard to get, let alone drink in public, that is one strange pregnancy craving. all together now: ewwwwwwwww!

She kicks out and she drinks urine as if it were water," her husband said.

oooh, kinky XD

They believe Satan took control of her body during a ouija board session.

Thank god it wasn’t Monopoly. We don’t need rich uncle penny bags in our world; we’ve got donald trump for that shit, yo

This is merely another example of why not to read ananova.

This is journalism at its finest

Well, if they don’t get that exorcism, I hope to someday adopt that kid.

i’m interested to know the details of lucifer’s contract with milton bradley.

Given this incednece, I’d give even money he’s got one with Gerber too.

Exactly. Ananova is an internet tabloid. Plain and simple.

I agree.

All pregnant women are posessed by the devil.

There. I fixed the quote for you, ClothHat.