Woman is carrying......WHAT?!?!

I had never heard of Ananova beforehand, but as soon as I saw the name, I wondered that it might be rubbish.

Curiously, there is also a porn star named Anna Nova.


Not quite, 984, it’s more like this:

Somehow I doubt a woman pregnant with Apollyon, the biblical name of the son of satan or something, would drink piss like water. It’s a crock of shit, just wait. When Satan’s kid is REALLY born it’ll be reported in a tabloid and we’ll doubt it…BUT IT’LL BE TRUE AND WE’LL ALL DIE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny… that kinda reminds me of what’s happening now.
::stealthily hums Twilight Zone theme music::

She drank urine? That can’t be good for the baby.

Actually, that depends on whose urine it was. New studies say that your own urine may be good for you. New studies also say, Hitler was a communist, Bush is a wise leader, and Goethe wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays, while Buddy Hacket wrote Faust. Also, Lenin and Lennon were the same person, as were Winston Churchil and Alfred Hitchcock. It’s a crazy world we live in.

I hope you realize, 984, Arac, that you are awakening the fury which hell hath not. :slight_smile:

Well that is just weird, to say the least.

However, if it is really the baby of Satan… we are all doomed. But I highly doubt it.

First of all, it’s Ananova. Second of all, this woman could be quite schitzophrenic. Sorry, dad!

Actually, its sorry kid since schizophrenia shows a certain degree of heritability. And I gotta say how amused I am that Percival of all people would say that.

That’s definately not schizo stuffs…

We should know!!!


I know you’re only eleven, but I’m telling you this now so you know.

Schitzophrenia and multiple personality disorder aren’t the same thing.

Thank you.

I wonder what the minimum safe distance is.

Indeed… evil eye ¬_¬

And I’m telling you this now so you know: There’s no T in schizophrenia!!!

With no Semi naked women on page 3 since there is no page 3. (Read The Sun and the Daily Star in the UK)

I’d bet it’s a Joke out of hand or some one has been playing “Tubler Bells” too much. (I think It’s part 1 used in Exortist)

for some reason after reading htis I want to watch the omen and rosemary’s baby. also its been proven that urine is high in protein and is 99% cleaner than water.

:moogle: Its also salty.

how do you know that?

could she be bi-poloer? (can’t spell it.)

But you can’t be sure of these things. Women act different when pregnat.