Win 98 axed

There goes the last OS that could still play certain DOS games… =(

I know it was bound to happen, still, makes me kinda sad.


In a statement Microsoft said it would evaluate threats to the software and produce patches as needed.

Meaning maybe two or three a year for a year or two, and then nothing.

Not that I mind. Most their “updates” are just a sneaky form of new spyware these days anyway.

:hyperven: Do you want to report this problem to Microsoft? Do you want the latest upgrade? You only have version 4.52…upgrade to 4.521 NOW, complete with brand new spywa–er, cool stuff!

Get lost, numnuts.

well, it says in the ‘products no longer distributed’ box that win98 second edition is not affected. I heard SE was better than normal win98, but thats just word of mouth. So not all is lost.

Blast. I have the second edition.


Isn’t there a way to ‘install’ DOS on Windows XP?

Anyway… I have a backup of Win98 installation disks, and an old computer with no system installed. I can still play my preciouses ^^

Windows 98 can still hold its own against the snazzy new operating systems.

pats his OS

Windows 98 works well enough for me. I’ll stick with it if at all possible.

I use my lovely Windows ME, for the past 5 years I’ve had my computer, it has never messed up, & if it has it’s because I did something stupid like use too much RAM.

Anyways, ME runs all thos egame for DOS, so run out & get ME!

Wow. Just wow. I don’t want to say what I REALLY want to say, because the mods’ll go after me for it.

All I’m going to say is that there is no way in hell that I’ll EVER touch WinME.

I have ME too, and the fact that it runs the old DOS games is the ONLY reason I’ve stuck with it. That, and the fact that my skills at reformatting my computer and installing something like win98SE SUCK. ME is very crashy, as I know firsthand. When I get a new computer, the only reason I’m keeping this thing is so I can run the old games (like X-Com: apocalypse, wing commanders 3, 4, prophecy, and more).

I dunno. I’d be bending over backwards to get Win98 again.

Bah, if I want a new OS, I’d rather get a Mac and just play the DOS games on my decrepit Win98SE machine. Microsoft can go jump in a lake. =P

Originally posted by StarStorm
I dunno. I’d be bending over backwards to get Win98 again.


And hence we discover the strategy behind the Marketing Tactic known as the “New Coke” Gambit.

Introduce an inferior new product into the market and have it replace the favored old version. Then, as the people clamor for the old product, you eventualy, after starving them into a disadvantageous negotiation position, reintroduce the old product, making people greatful to pay MORE for the SAME OLD THING THEY ALWAYS HAD.


This is old news, that people who pay a little attention would have known in June. Slowpoke.

Windows 98 will remain the best gaming operative system, until someone creates a Windows 98 emulator for Windows 2000.

I guess it is nice to be behind the game.

hugs her 98

I’m sticking with my WIN98, it’s always been the best OS I’ve ever had.

I’ve got Windows 2000 and I’ve never had any problems.

98 is one of few reasons I hold off mass Microsoft employee slaughtering. Quirky, sure, but you just have to baby it a little. Treat it well, and it will be good to you in return.

I can’t say the same for any Windows OS since, and until I can I see no reason to switch.

ME has never crashed for me.