Win 98 axed

I find that incredibly hard to believe.

I also find that very very hard to believe.

For one, a programming application I was allowed to take home from school (a bastardized version of ms visual basic actually) barely worked for me; it would crash if I tried running a the program (without compiling it, and the bastardized version COULDNT compile it) if I clicked on ANY of the blank space on the program, that is areas not dedicated to buttons. So if you created a prog that had a huge, open space on it, and one button for example, and clicked on the open space (not on the button), VB would crash and need ctrl-alt-deleting. I ultimately had to install the damn VB on my XP-based laptop instead, which doesnt have internet access, so I couldn’t add images to progs I made at home, had to bring them to school (all our progs stole images in manners similar to how we steal our sprites)

Thats just the first example of its crashyness that I can remember.

ME crashes for me sometimes, but 98’s crashed more. Maybe it’s the comp that 98 is on.

I dislike win 98… it crashes on me non-stop, at least 2 to 3 times a day just running instant messanger and Internet Explorer.