Wild ARMs 5: the Vth Vanguard.

Well, I bought the game last week. TO be honest, I really, really wasn;t sure I wanted to, after Wild ARMs 4. I won;t bother going into that, sicne I have made very vocal my feelings about that game. But anyway, I then noticed WA5 came with an 80-page art book, and that’s what convicned me to pick up the game.

After playing it for about four or five hours now, I havew to say… I really like this game. I like it a lot. But you haver to take it with a grain of salt. A pretty big one.

The story is pretty, well, cliche: teenaged boy from small town with dreams of becoming hero, mysterious girl falls from sky (in the left arm of a GOLEM, no less), and has amnesia, rememebring only ehr own name… and the mysterious phrase Johnny Appleseed. So you’re ona quest to help ehr restore ehr memory, and find out what Johnny Appleseed is.

But you know, despite the cliched plot and, umm, questionable myth to use (Look, I don;t care what people think, Johnny Apopleseed is NOT Wild West. He lived in the Ohio Region, fer christ’s sake!), it’s actually a pretty good game. At least some of the old feeling of the series is back. It’s the Wild West again. Although there’s a little Sci-fi thrown in, but it’s so blatant and hilarious, frankly, I just accepted it.

Characters are actually really fun. When iw atch Dean run around like a kid in a candy store whenever anyone mentions golems, I can;t help but laugh. And Greg, the older drifter type of this game, is really an amazing guy.

Gameplay… well, the HEX battle system is back, but somehow, I’ve made peace with it. I miss the old turn-based system, but it’s manageable. What is really important, though, is that tools are back. Only Dean uses them, but they’re all special cartridges for his guns, so you can shoot thigns with different effects. (I admit, I have way too much fun running around dungeons, guns a-blazing, shooting everythign in sight. I’m easily amused, you see.) Oh, and you can actually explore towns again, and go into buildings. Not MANY of them, but at least they got rid of that damn oregon Trail thing where you go into a house, someone pops up and says something, and you leave. Oh, and the Locke Cole principle is in effect.

Graphics, hoenstly, are impressive. Normally, I don;t stare too much in WA games,. which have never really been known for graphics, but… wow. Some times, I just have to stop the game, and look. THey really cleaned up. Especially with characters, their facial expressions are dead on.

Music’s pretty good. I was sad that Michiko Naruke wasn;t doing this game again, but the new guy has done a decent job of stepping up to the task. Definitely some great tracks on here.

Now, there are a million little thigns in this game that I want to discuss, like how Rebecca, your childhood friend and one of the lead heroines, is actually a surprisingly nice girl, or how hilarious it is to watch Dean try to defend himself with only a shovel… but there are two things I just have to mention, that to me, show how awesome this game is. First: one of the memory birds makes a fuckign Goonies reference. Yeah, the GOonies, that movie from the 80’s with One-Eyed Willy? It’s probably the last thign I ever expected to ever get referenced in a game, but it made me smile. But the msot important thign about this game, that makes it 92% better?

…Chuck Norris is in this game. I’m serious. THe character’s name is somethign called “Nightburn”, but the looks, the sound, even the general badass, over-the-top style, it’s all Chuck Norris. …THis game wins.

I liked WA4 :(.

I heard bad things about WA4, so I gave it a miss. I’m about 2 hours into this one and I’m liking it so far. I’m a bit disappointed that there aren’t more voiced segments, but I’m very impressed that they have KH-style mouth animations that actually fit the words. :sunglasses:

The 80-page art book that came with it is pretty neat too. Most of the stuff has been seen before either as cover or manual art, though.

I’m in the same boat as Cid. I didn’t like what I saw/heard about WA4 and passed over it. I really liked WA3 and Alter Code F, though…

I’ve been interested in WA5, but I’m still debating picking it up. I like that it brings back a lot of things they removed in WA4 which made me avoid it.

Though… the main hero guy uses a shovel, doesn’t he? I still can’t figure out if that’s pathetic or bad-ass…

he starts out using a shovel, but then he lsoes it (in a very hilarious scene, I might add) and gets actual arms. Although they seem more like fencing weapons than actual guns. And it does bring back a lot of stuff that was in WA3 and Alter Code: F. And adds a few new thigns that are a little nice.

Oh, and there are a couple cameos from older games. In one town, I ran into Yulie from WA4 (I’m apparently suppsoed to find ehr brother) And Gallows, from 3. I hope the others appear sometime, too.

I LOVE the Continue feature! Where has this been all my life!?

I’m a bit further in and getting more interested as it goes further. I’m looking forward to the ARM translation of the good ol’ tools, and the battle system also interests me quite a bit. The characters are pretty fun as well. I hope it doesn’t disappoint me later, but if this quality keeps up I’ll be a happy camper.

I have to admit, I’m pretty interested…The only game I’d ever played is Wild ARMS 2, which really had the potential to be amazing, if it were in readable English…I really hope to see something in the series match that kind of quality.

The whatnow?

I dunno. It seems like your standard continue system to me. No mroe Gella COins, if you die in abttle, you jsut restart the battle (at full power, oddly enough), and give it a try again. I will note, about the battle system: your HP is restored t full health at the endof every battle. MP, though, isn’t. Trust me, even with this going on, battles can be so damn hard.

Yeah, battles seem to be more of an all-out brawl than a DQ-style war of attrition. I actually like this much better.
And yes, it’s a standard Continue function, but almost no games actually have it. I am very very happy that it’s there.
Btw, can you pause cutscenes? I’m always afraid to hit the Start button after a bad encounter with one of the MGS games where that caused the cutscene to skip.

No, you can;t. I learned that the hard way. Sorry.

I love the fact that went back to the western theme. And about the cameo’s Rudy was in the first station you come to, he even has the fake arm.

I missed that cameo. I wasn;t playing much attention at the time, because I hadn;t realized there were cameos everywhere. Man, I hope I can see him again. And I wodner wherew Ashley and Brad are… already found Tim.

Okay, 20-hour update: this game is pretty much my all-time favorite Wild ARMs game now. the story is wodnerful, and I can not wait to see what happens next. Optional stuff liek Puzzle Boxes are back, found sight of Ragu O Ragula, and this game has, without a doubt, the msot retarded form of transportation I hagve ever seen ina game.

I was also pretty damn disappointed with WA 4, didn’t like a lot of the things about it. Much preferred 1 and 3, can’t wait to be able to play 5 though, especially with whats been said so far, i have to wait till Q1 2008 before its even released over here… :frowning: at least I wont have to completely miss it out like Alter Code F though :hahaha;

I do have to say, in WA4’s defense, I probably would have liked it more, if they hadn;t made EVERYTHING so different. The changes between 3 and 4 are pretty big.

Oh, and I can;t believe I forgotto mention this: They DID get rid of a Wild ARMs tradition. There’s no animated opening whenyou start up. Or at all. It’s all 3-d. I’m a little sad at that, sicne I would lvoe to see some of these characters in an animated fashion. But, to be honest, that’s only a mild disappointment, and probably my biggest complaint about the game. And if that’s ALL I have to complain about, thats a pretty damn good sign.

bumpity bump :smiley:

Wild Arms 5 is one of the few bright spots in my life of late, so I decided to comment about it here, though I’m not finished with the game yet (I just got the Monowheel- Wheee! :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s true, this game makes up for the last one, and has a sense of fun comparable to the original. I guess after the Emo fest that was WA4 everyone wanted to go back to the roots of the game.

The strongest part here is the story. Yes, it’s basic structure is cliched, but it’s not originality, but the details that matter. And the characters ARE likeable, the pacing of the story is good (though I find the “meanwhile, somewhere else” type of flashbacks that the game uses to inform us (the players) of story developments that the PCs are not aware of, somewhat annoying; They do set up a sense of mystery and expectation, though) and best of all, the dialogue is GREAT; it’s not stilted or dumb, so those who criticized previous WAs for their translations cannot find a fault in that this time.

And make no mistake, the story is serious, for all its (mainly) happy-go-lucky stars. The main theme here is social oppression, of the kind that existed even in the USA not that long ago. This actually fits with the Wild West theme, since racial prejudice -against Indians, Blacks or Chinese- was very much a factor in those days. As the story progresses and the characters see the kind of world they live in, you can feel how they slowly lose their innocence (but Thank God, not their will to fight.) This being an adventure game, it’s a safe bet everything will be righted by the end, but it’s still a painful journey, lightened up by the antics of certain characters. Man, I can’t wait to see some of the villains get their comeuppance.

I do have problems with the game, though. First, while the 3d rendered outer world looks wonderful, you can get lost very easily. I got so desperate trying to find the way to enter the Desecrated Shrine, for example, that I had to go online to look for the answer (it turned out you had to go the Looooong way around some mountains to get in.) :thinking: Being attacked by monsters as you try to get your bearings is no fun, either (and there seems to be a very short variety of monsters in the game- each area only has like 3 different monsters, and fighting them gets old verrrry quickly.) Hopefully riding the Monowheel will alleviate that.

Oh, and I Hate the “you can learn your skills more quickly, but only by reducing your HP” concept. I learned the hard way that doing that got my butt handed to me pretty fast.

Still, the brilliance of the story makes up for all that. And gasp I’m actually having fun solving the dungeon puzzles! On a WA game!! Now THAT’S new to me! :smiley:

So yeah, so far, the game has been a great experience, exactly what I needed to liven myself up these days. Unless they do something to ruin things in the later part, I expect to enjoy the rest of the game as well.

Speaking of Wild Arms 5…

The other day I tried to contribute facts from the game to its entry on Wikipedia, only to have my work undone by some guy who apparently doesn’t want any spoilers on the page. I tried to talk things with him but he kept reverting my additions and refusing to explain himself (his explanations can be boiled to “that’s not the way it’s supposed to be done” when obviously that’s not the case (see any other Wikipedia RPG entry.) I reported him to the Wikiproject Video Game people and he accused me of threatening him! Dealing with people like this pisses me off; I’ve been contributing to Wikipedia since 2004 and I’ve hardly ever run into such a hardcase. (You can see the whole sad story on the article’s talk page.)

Man, as if I needed this kind of stress these days. :no2:

Anyway, realizing I’m probably dealing with a WA5-obsessed teenager (he doesn’t even have a Wikipage like mine, so I couldn’t discuss things with him) I dropped the matter, but will try to update the article in the future, when (hopefully) Mr. I’m Right will have obsessed over something else.

Trying to do right in Wikipedia is like trying to sweep up your local beach. Every time you do it, someone manages to mess it right back up, often with a malodorous piece of crap shoved in.

Wikipedia does have a lot of good articles, and people who try to keep things done correctly; the problem is, as long as it’s a wiki, that is, that anybody can alter anything at any time, it simply cannot be considered a reliable source. It’s like trying to tell graffiti artists what to paint. I’ve argued for their limiting access to people who register at the site and who get their own wikipages (so their efforts can be tracked, and blocked if necessary) for a while now.