Wild Arms 3

I’m renting it. What’s the good the bad and the ugly about it?

And if someone says a certain quote from the game he or she will get smacked upside the head.

The ugly? You can’t finish it in a rental. I bought the game a while ago, and it drags on. You really have to play it for a bit then stop for like 6 months then pick it up again. Oh God does it drag on.

Hard to get healing items early in the game, and you can only buy items when you first go into a town. Fighting several bosses in a row is very frustrating, and it just seems like your HP is never high enough. Its also one of those games where they tell you what the next place it is that you have to go, they just don’t tell you how to friggen get there very well.

The pros though, are there is a great cast of characters, the graphics and sound are both very nice, and the combat system is pretty solid. Worth a rent first to see if you like it, but it gets pretty hard pretty fast.

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Anywho…I love the damn game. It has a few bad points, but the plusses outeight the minuses by a long shot.

And that is precisely the reason this game is off limits to all those without patience.

Nah. I have great patience. It’s just WA3 as a whole didn’t keep me captivated. And not the typical RPG “one hour from completion in the final dungeon so I’ll put it down” kind of loss of interest. A periodic loss of interest.

WA was alright, WA2 was the gun wound that killed the horse and WA3 is kicking a dead horse until it’s a skeleton bleached in the sun. WA3 is not for the weak of heart. The story is awful, the gameplay is fun at first but when you reach what should be the end of the game and you’re only half done you’ll find yourself wanting to find whoever the hell came up with the game and hanging him with your PS2 controller’s cord. The game is organized like this: 50 some odd dungeons stacked on top of each other. No real breaks in between, you just crawl through a crap load of dungeons while the game decides to give you a crappily made storyline that only makes minimal sense and then attempts a plot twist by using a character that you see for like 5 minutes and is apparently an important character who was being used by a bad guy even though he’s in the game for 5 minutes. I’m sorry but WA3 is like…the worst RPG I’ve ever played, worse then anything. I’d rather read 100 crappy webcomics then play the game again, and 984 basically drives the point home: WA3 is like the energizer bunny. It keeps going and going and going and going and then it hits you with a search quest with zero clues. It’s like trying to find a needle in a shitty, shitty haystack.

I thought it was the most fun I’ve ever had with an RPG in my life, personally. Maybe it’s the story… maybe it’s the music. Maybe it’s the fact that the ridiculously simple battle system kept me more interested and captivated than the big complicated games like Xenosaga, which I struggled to finish. Maybe it’s the fact that the monotony of dungeons is made fun through the use of fun to solve puzzles, the Migrant Seal idea, and the way the story is revealed to you (cut scene of what the villians plan to do, then you move in and see what they throw at you, then repeat.) Maybe it’s the fact that the game isn’t trying to be a movie; it’s trying to be an RPG. I really don’t know…

One thing I do know is that I kept playing from start to finish, and I was never bored, aside from a few times during the EX File Key quests (one of which involves staying at an inn around 1000 times, another involving running around dungeons for 8-10 hours fighting a very rare enemy group 100 times). But the main quest never failed to hold my interest. Of course, I’m not you, and you may not share the same feelings as me, but I had a grand time with WA3; and I’ve played through it at least 5 times now.

I’d disagree. I’d say that, while 1 was the best game in the series, 3 is definitely playable, and a major step above WA2.

Well I picked up the game under Blockbuster’s FLip It plan so I can rent it for as long as I like theoretically. But it’s true, I’m having a hard time just finding the next place after returning to Gallow’s hometown, and that’s right in the beginning ;_;

I was gonna make a thread about this Flip It nonsense. I don’t get it, what do you flip? The card? The game?


Well I don’t know about “Flip It” but basically, you spend $50 on the card and you can retn one game at a time for as long as you want. When you’re done with the game you bring it back and you bring your game and the next game you want, the guy scans them and then you leave. So if you have a game constantly out (and play it) you’ll get your money’s worth. Judging that you get 90 days of gaming and a game rental at Blockbuster is a little more than a dollar a day it works out.

You need to ditch WA3 and go get Tales of Eternia. Good plot, good characters, annoying-to-funny VAs and the sweetest battling system ever. EVER.

Or Dragon Quarter. >_>

I dare you to find a Blockbuster that has <A HREF=“http://alexandria.rpgclassics.com/game.php?game=309”>Tales of Eternia</A> (<A HREF=“http://www.gamefaqs.com/search/go.php?id=526350&tp=1.html”>Tales of Destiny II</A> in the states, not to be confused with <A HREF=“http://www.gamefaqs.com/search/go.php?id=561922&tp=1.html”>Tales of Destiny II</A>, an all together different game. Confused? Good). If you wanna play a <A HREF=“http://alexandria.rpgclassics.com/game.php?game=166”>Tales</A> game, just wait for the empending release of <A HREF=“http://namco.com/games/talesofsymphonia/”>Tales of Symphonia</A>, that is, if you have a Gamecube, since Namco currently cancelled the US release of the PS2 version.

Well I do own a Gamecube, but I don’t think my Blockbuster has any Tales games.

I knew I should’ve bought Tales of Destiny 2 when I had the chance. a nearby warehouse store had 20 or so copies for sale a while back. It was only $10 or so.


Or you could, y’know, get am emulator, eDonkey, and download the ISOs. Eternia is more than worth any amount of time you spend downloading them.

I think they took the western theme too far. It gets better when you can grow healing items.

I never seem to have any luck getting ISOs, and when I do, they don’t work on any of my playstations (modded ps, modded ps1, PS w/ swap trick, PS1 w/ swap trick, modded ps w/ gameshark, PS w/ swap trick & gameshark, etc)