Why do you think teenage girls would spend so much time in front of the mirror?

I was puzzled at my cousin, she would take out a dozen sets of clothes, try them out one by one, then see which one fits, and dumps the rest on the bed. Afterwards, she would spend another 15 mins getting ready, and I would have to wait for half an hour whenever we go out together. Weird thing is, this doen’t happen to new teens like me. And for the sake of those who’re wondering how old I am, I’m 13 this year.

You know, I do the same thing. =o

Only I tend to go through my clothes before I get to the mirror, and if I am unhappy I just take it off and find something new.


Girls like to know what they look good in, and know that they look good in it at all times and from all angles.

Today’s culture tells girls (and guys) that there is a specific body type or “style” that is considered “hot” or “sexy”. My girlfriend also does this. I’m guessing that the mirror thing is due to them needing to fulfill some inner “standard” of how good they need to look before going out.

Our culture has fucked up alot of people into thinking that they are never going to be good enough via weight or looks because of the things they see on television and in ads. But really, it boils down to that person having a strong will and being able to be happy with themselves for who they are.

I spend alot of time in front of a mirror… but that’s because I like to be glamorous.
And I like to know that I look good when I go out… :kissy:

I was puzzled at my cousin…

whenever we go out together

Hmm… :spam:

Maybe she wants to impress you. :confused:

What the fuck dude, maybe they just need a mirror to see what they have on. Looking down only does so much good.

Only fat and ugly people say things like that… :no2:

I’m not saying every girl is normal and able to just look at themselves and pick out somthing nice. But seeing as how anorexia is at an all time high in America its hard to NOT think somthing is just fucking wrong.

Sure, cause I’m really fat. Maybe some say I’m ugly, but I dont think so. You know why? Cause Im happy with myself and I dont need pop culture to tell me what looks good. I’m not hulking out like the “hot guys” on tv, but I’m also not about to kill myself due to “people think I’m ugly…” boo hoo.

95% of my clothes are black or of solid color, so I have no problem with pattern/color coodination. It also simplifies laundry sorting. ^^

My girlfriend does the same thing I do >>; Just put on whatever’s around when she wakes up, whether it’s clean or not >>;;; She’s so awesome >>;

Heh Hades, I find it funny that you tack a “>>;” after “She’s so awesome.” I know it’s not the case but lol, it looks like you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s true. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ditto that, Trillian. Futzing around with ‘fashionable clothes’ is for chumps. :hahaha;

My mom buys my clothes, I really don’t care. >.>;; Though, with most khakis pants/shorts I really really like dark blue shirts for some reason.

I own like, 3 shirts and 2 pants. >>;; i could really care less about what i wear. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I seriously go out, I’m probably just as worse if not worse.

The only time I actually spend in front of the mirror is when I’m flossing my teeth. :stuck_out_tongue: When I wake up I usually put on a random shirt and pair of pants, usually without regard as to how it looks on me. I tend to look okay overall, so I rarely ever worry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, I’m like Trill and Hades here.

They are min/maxing with the stat bonuses each set of clothing gives, and are tweaking the individual pieces to suit the monster they’re fighting today.