Why do people say FF7 is so overrated?

I don’t get it, what’s overrated about it? I want examples of overrating, expecially the whole, “Sephiroth is a whiny bitch”, thing. When is he a whiny bitch? The music kicks total ass. The storyline is just great. The characters are all well developed if you try and find out about them. Fine, so the graphics suck, well what d’you expect, it was 1997 when it was released.
Anyway, just had to get this out because I’ve seen a lot of people saying it’s overrated and I’d just like to know why they think so. Preferably with examples.

I don’t think so 0_0

In my opinion FF7 is one of the greatest RPGs ever…

Yeah, I think it’s a great game(Except for when Aries died…)! And, the story line IS really good!

In order to decide if it’s overrated, we have to define what it’s rated, and what it deserves to be rated.

<b><u>What it’s rated:</b></u> Hundreds of thousands of fucking idiots on the net think it sucks because it’s “too popular.”

<b><u>What it deserves to be rated:</b></u> Well, it’s one of the best RPGs, ever, to exist.

So, in conclusion, it’s definately UNDERRATED. And anyone who disagrees with me is wrong, and a pig. A dirty pig. With body odor.

I never once said I didn’t like it, just that it’s overrated because the fanboys make such a big deal about it. The game itself is bad ass. But Cloud is by far my least favorite character in the game. Cloud’s dialogue is 49 percent “…” and 53 percent whining(I thinks even fanboys will agree with that point). I actually liked Sephiroth, I just don’t think he is the best villain ever like everyone else thinks. I thought he was a bit whiny about the whole Jenova thing. But that’s my opinion, and that’s all it is. We are all entitled to that. I just don’t get touchy if someone doesn’t like mine. Personally, I think the best video game villain ever was Bowser(and i’m certain most of you think Bowser is overrated)…probably cause I’m an old school junkie who favors old school to new school(don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed FFX, though it could have had a better Protagonist[I hate Tidus even worse than I hate Cloud, though Auron is a badass]), and because I have always enjoyed Bowser’s plight to actually keep Princess Toadstool in his clutches :bowser: only to be foiled over and over again by a plumber with a red hat :thinking: . And I do know I’m gonna get backlash from people for this post, but I never let that bother me. It’s only a BBS. The point of having a message board is that so we(the board users) can have heated debates about our own opinions and at the same time still appreciate the beauty of free speech to an extent(a right that we are quickly losing in modern day America). Save The Bill of Rights. It may not be around in 25 years.

It’s a wonderful game. 8)

However, I think that too much attention is brought to the wrong aspects of the game and the story. Most people will immediately think “Cloud VS Sephiroth” when you mention FF7, but for me, the true joy of FF7 was found in the other character’s plotlines and the “flow” of the game. Cid’s story was a great one; at first, I thought he was a real jerk with a negative attitude towards people in general, but when you see him working with his crew, you realize he’s really a warm-hearted guy with a passion for his work. And when he finally reaches outer space, you hear no cursing or swearing from his mouth. You sense no anger… you only see a man who finally found what he wanted in life.

And the flow of the game works very well too. Chasing Seph across the world, visiting nearly every locale in quite an experience. Then, when you think you’ve reached the end, you find yourself out of commission for a period of time, only to find the world torn apart. Things have changed, and people aren’t as optimistic or friendly as they used to be. The Junon Army becomes that much more powerful, and you finally see the true power of the Shinra corporation. As the members of Shinra seem to die off or disappear one by one, you start to feel a sense of accomplishment, but also an impending sense of doom because after this, Meteor still awaits you. The story finally hits the most climactic point during the rainstorm where you meet Hojo for what SHOULD have been the final battle.

And the game has a way of giving the characters fair “air” time. Every few dungeons, you’ll find a point where the plot takes a hike and the subplot for a particular character sets in, and we get to learn more about Red XII, or Tifa or Barret or Cait Sith or whoever. They all have their reasons for fighting too, and I found these characters just as interesting, if not more than Cloud.

And THAT is why I like FF7.

-_-, what a speech sniff it touched my heart…

None of you have played FF6 or FF4, have you?

In honesty, the FF7 music is good but doesn’t measure up to other games. The music of Chrono Trigger (yes DG, Chrono Trigger >.>;) and Bahamut Lagoon are WAY better. So is the music of SMRPG…owing mostly to how cheerful it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

i played FF1-X, Chrono trigger and Bahamut, They are all great thats right. The rest is

personal opinion…

And personal opinion is what makes games good…

I loved Chrono Triggers music. Especially Frogs theme. I can’t hear FF6s music because my stupid Playstation won’t play sound. It’s really annoying, all I hear is static. He isn’t my favorite villain, for me that’s Ozzie and Kefka, but I do think he’s the joint best with Kefka.

lol -Kefkiroth-

the Stylish Insanity

OK, I kinda agree with hades, but heres my standpoint.

I don’t feel that FFVII is a bad game at all, nor that it ISNT one of the best. But I do feel that because of the mass publicity that it gets over all other Final Fantasy games and the gimongous crowds that follow it can really burn me out. You know? I love the game, but there’s only so much “OMG SEPHIROTH RULES!” that I can hear before I just wanna say “get over it, move on to another obsession”.

So yes, I LOVE 7. But I don’t like how much attention it gets just for the simple fact that “I” feel people could at least TRY moving on to another obsession, Its been out long enough to get over it.

Maybe not, I may be wrong, oh well thats how I feel.

That’s right, people praise FF7 so much that they sometimes forget all the other good RPGs…

Izlude’s got it right. It’s not that people think it’s a bad game, but there isn’t a game out there that can live up to the hype that FF7’s got, so by definition it’s overrated.

It’s good, not the best.

How can anything get a 10/10? Perfection is just impossible.

Okay, I know everyone will kill me for this…but I do think it’s over-rated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a veddy veddy good game! But it wasn’t as amazing as everyone said it would be.

The music was great. Maybe not my favorite soundtrack, but it was still great.
The story was very interesting too. But what hurt the story was the characters…{Now you will all surely kill me. XD}
Now, the character design was excellent. You could recognize each of them from miles away! They’ve becom icons in the gaming industry. But as for the substance…Don’t get me wrong, the characters all had very interesting backgrounds. The characters were technically very interesting. But what bugged me was the personality! I’m sorry, but I really didn’t find any personality in the characters. In my opinion, A character with a great personality and no background is much more likeable than a character with a very intricate background and no personality.

Also, the commercial kinda spoils the most dramatic scene in the game…O_o That was a turn-off. Does anyone remember the commercial? Who’s idea was that??! >_< Not that I’m blaming the game for it—it just stinks that it spoiled such an important moment for so many people.

So you see…I’m not saying it’s a bad game. Not at all! It’s a great game—but the problems just stuck out to me more than usual since there was so much hype surrounding it.
And hey, this is just an opinion…I’m not telling anyone to agree with me. ^ ^ In fact, you probably shouldn’t. o_o Agreeing with me usually ends up in disaster. XD

You don’t have to apologize for your opinions. Everyone’s entitled to their own. :sunglasses: If someone doesn’t like it, that’s their problem. And I quite agree with you, in any case.

Part of the personality problem, I think, was the awful translation. They really need the people who did the FF9 script to go over the FF7 one, and inject some personality into it. :sunglasses:

I never really liked FF7; it just disappointed me. Sure, I was one of the many people who anticipated its release mainly because of how great FF6 was/is (one tough act to follow, in my opinion) and helped create a lot of hype, but then I played it and in no way did it live up to my expectations. I found the characters uninteresting, the storyline had several inconsistancies that kept me from taking it seriously, the music, while good, was pretty forgettable, the materia system kept the characters from being diverse enough in battle, and all around the game just wasn’t my cup of tea (just my opinion, please don’t impale me with toothpicks!)

With that said, yeah, the fact that it’s overrated is fairly clear to me. Course, I don’t mind people loving the game–I’d be an idiot not to tolerate it–but like what’s already been said; there comes a time when some people need to stop praising a certain game relentlessly, look past it, and move on. It just becomes annoying to hear the same ol’ thing from the über-obsessed people, especially when they admit they haven’t played most of the games in the FF series or many other/better RPGs in general. It’s great that people can overlook the game’s faults and still enjoy it unlike I could, but I think it’s at the level now where such worshipping of those three little disks has become ridiculous.

Man, I didn’t realize it was being worshipped over there. Here, it’s considered a great game, but not a perfect game. I guess I can see now why people would say it was overrated, but I still love it.

Well, FF7 was the first FF game to go 3D, so naturally it’s still seen as the game that paved the way for the other FF’s.