Why do people say FF7 is so overrated?

I think that the character personality is about the same as the SNES FFs. While FF7 was the first PSX FF and had many modern RPG conventions gameplaywise, it was still very SNES in that way that it told the story. Such as FF7 came out fairly early in the PSX’s life, FF9 came out near the end AND after hundreds of others had been released because of FF7’s success. Square probably learned a lot in that time. Expecting FF7 to have as good of character and story development as say FF9 is similar toe xpecting FF7 to have as good of graphics as FF9, which everyone would agree isn’t reasonable. Not only that, but it seems like just here we are finding that FF7 is underrated in that most people don’t seem to like it too much.

People just need to get over the fact that fanboys/girls will be fanboys/girls.

Yes, and some other people need to get over the fact that there are those who are annoyed by fan boy/girls

Personally, FF7 is one of my favourite games.

Although, I’m not saying it’s perfect (Hell NO game is). But it is because of it’s flaws that make it what it is.

By the way, Epidemic Xerosuit what commercial are you talking about?

I loved FF7, it reminds me of a time when I used to come home or wake up and get excited over playing a console RPG… Now I just find myself excited about whatever MMORPG and/or Street Fighter3 Third Strike. The only console RPG to hold my attention like 7 DID is Tales of Symphonia. I love the story.

Id love to play Tales of Symphonia, but i dont know when it will be released, if it gets released here…

That was pretty much what I wanted to say. Thanks Iz.

The commercial shows something like this

“A love that will never be…” --shows Cloud lowering dead Aeris into the water.-- I just felt like…“Oh great, thanks…” There was more to the commercial than just that, but still…><

I just think the “overrating” is due to people’s personal opinion. I think FFVII is overrated because in hindsight, the game just didn’t work for me as much of as the others. Naturally, people who don’t think it’s all its hyped up to be will think it’s overrated.

As for music, I think FFX-2’s is great as well as FFVI’s. I still have the opera song memorized. FFVIII’s music was pretty good too. Again, FFVII just isn’t one of my favorites in the series I guess.

If FF7 was my favorite game, I wouldn’t consider it overated. But as it is, I didn’t enjoy the characters, the story, and especially the materia system. If 6 had 7’s following, I wouldn’t consider the groupies to be annoying fanboys - although many people who don’t like 6 (i.e. the IV loyalists) would.

What happened was the FF7 marks played their first RPG, and jumped into an already established RPG community, screaming how 7 was the best game ever, etc. Many of the RPG veterans were already disappointed with 7, and the fanboys just compounded the problem. The n00bs decided to play an RPG because they saw the amazing FMVs on TV. After getting the game, they were blown away by some or all of the following: Cloud had cool hair and rode a motercycle, Sephiroth was bad ass looking, Tifa had a giant rack, someone died, swear words in the script, real music, love triangle, (what they considered) character development, and primarily, the high budget graphics. It took all these things to sell the RPG genre to the “non-D&D crowd”, so to speak.

When FF8 came out, it essentially took everything that FF7 did wrong, and made it much worse. More of the game revolved around the graphics. The love story was twice as cheesy. And the Junction system was infinitely more pathetic than materia. It was around this time I ran into a group of SNES RPG enthusiasts, and years later, I still keep in close contact with them.

7 fanboys don’t bother me at all anymore. It is what it is, I just ignore it. Just like I do with most pop-culture (in other words, I’m getting old -_-). Although I’m disappointed Square didn’t head a more traditional direction (Xenogears) with their high budget titles for the PSX (7-9), their “sell-out” strategy worked well, and brought them a lot of financial success. This has been a huge shot in the arm for the RPG genre, and if it wasn’t for 7, I’m sure the RPG landscape would be much different today, and probably not for the better. I might have never had the opportunity to play FFXI, which I enjoyed immensely (LV 60 THF).

In closing, I thought 7 was a huge step down from 6. And as far as where it stands with me over time, it doesn’t come anywhere close to titles such as IV-VI, Suikoden 2, Lunar EB/SSC, Baldur’s Gate I, Xenogears, etc. But these are just my opinions, from my point of view, not gospel.

That was brilliant! Thank you.
When Barret said “SHIT” it was the greatest moment in RPG history. You can almost hear Thus Spake Zarathustra (think 2001: Space Odyssey) in the backgroud when you see Barret’s description of his own emotional turmoil.
SHIT”. And that was the end of the Nerds hegemony over RPGs.

Okay, my turn on the topic.

Final Fantasy VI has become my all time favorite RPG. The concept of 14 permanent characters with a class unto themselves with extreem differences impressed me, including the ghosts, Baron, and Leo. The cities in and dungeons in FFVI were revisitied multiple times as if they were actual places. Characters leaving and reentering… unheard of. And the idea of a dramatic undo-able map change to the world of ruin. Astounding.

:mwahaha: But what really got me was Kefka. He was given “The Book of Modern Villiany” and tossed it out the window, “accidentally” hitting the Emperor. What made him awsome was what drove him. Death. Death was what tickled him, it filled him, he loved it. Hence the monument to non-existance. And who can forget his classic one liners “Son of a submariner” “Wait he says? Do I look like a Waiter?” “You all sound like pages from a self help booklet”


Now, I have only jsut gotten FFVII and haven’t really played it yet. But according t what other sites are saying. Seph was a socialpath, not knowing the difference between right and wrong. So that I suppose gives him the credibility as a misunderstood hero.

But what made him loost points was that he “looked like he came out of an anime villian’s factory.” The look, tall, strong, and devoid of color. A long pointy knife, and a Monalisa smile. Everything you expect a villian to be like. And OMG he killed a playable character!

While it may not be my place to judge the game at this point, I think it has really big shoes to fill. Runs off to play Chrono Trigger

I think I like you very much.

Yes, Kefka is an awesome villain, you either hate him or love him, but you can’t ignore him. Although the phrases known as “Kefka-isms” as just a derivate of the “Woosley-isms”, which is the name given to the incredibly incoherent mistranslations made by Ted “Get a fucking dictionary” Woosley.

Right-o. Kefka was awsome because he was motivated by death. The average great villian has death as a side effect.

Great Villian: I need Random relic but it’s guarded by holy people. Stab stab Wha-ha! I am the ultimate world ruler!

Takes relic, puts it under guard of some wimpy boss and heroes get it

Great Villian: GASP You have my rare relic thing! CUE BATTLE MUSIC!

One battle latter…

Great Villian: OMG, I can’t believe I got defeated. Exploads

Now here’s Kefka…

Kefka: Hey! There’s a bunch of idiots guarding stuff! Stab stab Stab Stabbity-stab-stab Cue Kefka laugh

Biggs: Um, Kefka. They’re all dead. You don’t need to keep stabbing.

Kefka: Stab Stab Stabitty-stab Cue laugh Hmm? What’s this? And all powerful relic?




Biggs: …

Wedge: Oh no! Heroes are comming?

Kefka: Stab-stab Hmm? Okay… I’ll take care of them.

Kefka leaves.

Door breaks down, Kefka runs in the room followed by Locke, Terra, Edgar and Sabin

Kefka: They’re all your’s boys! Runs away and locks door

Biggs & Wedge: ulp

See, what I think made Kefka so great was that he had no morals, and what motivated him was what is often a side effect of other villians. Kefka kills because it’s fun. Other Villians kill because it’s inorder to get at something greater.

FF7 was voted the best ever game i think all others fail in comparison to its immense storyline. Also it was bloody hilarious when aeris kicked the bucket!!!

Rather than start arguing with you (because I am tired) and questioning the possibility of you even having played any other games with good plots to compair FF7 to, I’ll state my opinion:

Its not that FF7 sucks or anything… Its that the fans are stupid as shit and think its the best thing ever, reminding us every 5 days about how much they love FF7 and how it has the best plot ever makes some of us who are less… excited… want to hear about it less and less and less.

So please, give a real argument other than

i think all others fail in comparison to its immense storyline.

FF7 is overrated do to arguments exactly like this.

That may have been sarcasm. I hope it was sarcasm. But yes, I see now why people say it’s so overrated.

hes got 3 posts and is using the sephiroth avatar… Hes serious.

I liked ff7… and it was my first rpg. But, I’ve never said it was the best.
My initial impression came from watching my dad play; he had rented it. He got to the well scene, and I just left the room saying, “Wow, the game’s a soap opera.” Later on, I was bored and got into the game myself.
My favorite was ff9… but that may have been because of Vivi. hehe