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-_- why did you post that? Guess someone was bound to post about those evil gremlins.

I’m sorry, but anyone who says Catholicism is not a Christian religion really needs to go back to become-not-a-fucking-moron school. There’s no other way I can put it :stuck_out_tongue: It’s like saying Britney Spears isn’t a whore.

By the way, there isn’t a religion called just plain “Christianity.” Nothing like that exists. The closest is Roman Catholocism, who really only have that name to identify that they’re NOT Greek Orthodox or any of the Protestant religions which are basically the result of Kings throwing tantrums and trying to change rules in Catholocism, because they clearly have more authority than God.

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Except Christianity existed before Catholocism ever did… and the addition of a Pope is questionable enough, Hades. Yes, it is very clear that Catholics are Christians, but Gnosticism (Christ through mystery), Marcionism (who believed Paul was the one true apostle), Jewish Christians (Jews who believed that Jesus was the true messiah but rejected much of the New Testement), and Encratites (I don’t know much about them, other than a lot of them were vegetarians).

Loki, you forgot to finish your thought:
“Yes, it is very clear that Catholics are Christians, but Gnosticism …, Marcionism …, Jewish Christians …, and Encratites …”

Anyway, let’s stop debating religion and resume the discussion on how sickly looking the Olsen twins are and what horrible garbage they produce and call movies. There was a kid in my Latin class in High School who kept a countdown until they would be legal. I don’t recall that they looked quite as much like crack whores then.

Well, it gives him something to wank to.

This is the only thing in your post that was false, mostly because it’s the only actual statement you made. Catholocism is the religion Jesus started. It used to be identical to Greek Orthodox until Martin Luther influenced it to get rid of all the bad things it evolved into (like indulgences and veneration of icons). Sadly, Luther created a bandwagon called Protestantism, which is, in a nutshell, pure bullshit :stuck_out_tongue: Because it contradicts the entire concept of religion (religion is about changing your actions and attitude to obtain salvation, not making a set of rules conform to YOUR whims, like the Kind of England decided he was in a position to do.).

The religion that existed from as far west as Spain to as far east as India was the original “Christianity.” In 1054 it split into Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox, mainly because the East simply didn’t agree that the Pope (the Bishop of Rome, St. Peter’s successor) was the biggest authority in the church.

Just because it didn’t call itself Catholocism doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. Right now it’s the closest religion in the world to what Jesus originally intended to start. Jesus is Christ, hence the term Christian, and that’s why Catholicism would be synonymous with Christianity if not for the split in 1054 and Protestantism in it’s entirety. “Catholic” also happens to be the Latin (or Greek, I’m not sure) word for “Universal.”

Does that clear a few things up?

I don’t know what I’m talking about, Hades, but I sure like bananas, so I’m going to refute your post:

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darnit u alwzy refut my ;_; y cnt u jus leev me alohn?

I need to wake up in eight hours, so this is the short origin of the church:

  1. Jews thrive (sort of) as a nation, and their religion becomes rather dominant in Israel

  2. Countless Cults and Sects develope based on Judaism

  3. Rome takes over Isreal

  4. JC grows up as a Jew on the fringes of the organized Temple. Defies the authorities and preaches a new way to God (much like other Jewish sects)

  5. Roman authorities, under pressure from the ruling class of priests execute JC

  6. JC’s followers become all cultish (not creepy cult, but rather cult as in a small religion) for a while

  7. Romans start converting, and the officials in Rome do that whole lion thing.

  8. Rome becomes a christian state.

  9. Icons become a dividing issue in the church (along with other stuff) and the Orthodox (correct by word meaning) church separates from the Catholic (widely accepted by word meaning)

  10. Catholocism does its whole take over Europe thing

  11. King Henry the something of England gets pissed cause the Pope wont let him get a divorce, and makes the Anglican church.

  12. Martin Luther and other free thinkers defy the corruption of the Catholic empire and start a chain of division that leaves us with everything we have today. Most of which are lumped together as protestant.

  13. People get confused

  14. A heretic explains it honestly

  15. Said heretic goes back to reading Charle’s insane posts, and plans to sleep soon.

Jesus didn’t intend to start a new religion, he merely wanted to provide a more universal perspective for Judaism with that whole “love thy neighbor” concept.

Yep, it’s Latin; catholicus is the Latin word for catholic (little “c”). The world catholic (again, little “c”) means: universal in extent; encompasing all; wide-ranging. The opposite of catholic is parochial.

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i did’ent think my post would start such a riot.

i guess this is one of those times when i should learn to keep my mouth shut.

and the reason jesus came down to earth was to free mankind from sin and lead them into eternal life.

why you ask? because his dad told him to.
thats it in a nutshell

He didn’t intend to start a religion, but he did intend to change the way people think to something along the lines of Catholocism.

lets just go back to talking about the buehlimic olsen twins. :moogle:

I think that right! No.12 might be wrong but I’m not sure. (Trust me, I’ve just taken over the Audio Arcive at a church)

Just to say most of the groups calls themselves Christains beleve the same thing, just place Emasis on certain things.

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I can’t believe nobody has screamed

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I think people have been advocating against such images, although God knows much that would sell.

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