Why am I posting this?

By the time we wake up tomorrow in North America, the Olsen twins will be legal. Enjoy.


I thought they were 16.

Now all we need is for the both of them to go each on they’re on way,very far away from each other so no more movies or video games starrting them hapear.

So no more Olson Twins Clock to laugh at? :frowning:

I’m sure someone’ll make a clock saying “the olsen twins have been legal since…”

Yeah, I don’t know why you said it either. I just searched- the Olson clock doesn’t seem to be working- either that or it’s their birthday. Whoo- Olson Twin porn… oh wait… I was never attracted to them… at all… ugh. =p

So, Sin, you finally show your true colours.

Someone needs to start a fire so I can heat up this metal rod in which to JAM INTO MY FUCKING BRAIN.

I predict 5-6 years before their careers are so befuddled that they resort to a Playboy centerfold.

And in 7-8 years, they’ll be in Hustler. And from there, it’s on to sleazy fetish porn.

…may they grow old and wrinkly before their time, so that they never sell a goddamned doll or cheap hair products ever again. >.<

Hell, for me, Gil and Neb they’ve been legal for two years already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who? What? o_O

The baby from full house.


they only showed one at a time, so I say baby is a fine choice of words.

Fair enough.

Not unless their parents consented. And, in some states (like Texas), 17 is the legal age of consent.

It’s okay Sinistral :stuck_out_tongue: You’re still cool :stuck_out_tongue: