Why am I posting this?



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Event Horizon! woo! Eva’s pic makes em look like bobble heads.


The thread title has once again become so, so very apt.

In another forum where that pic was posted, they were compared to Gollum’s lost twin sisters o.O

And twenty years from now, they will still be making crappy movies aimed at the ten-year old girl market. I saw one of them once when I was babysitting for my neighbors. It is a fate far worse than death.

Your words ring clear with truth, Demigod, and chills me to my soul.

I know this guy on another forum that says he went to the same highschool as them. Obviously they were rarely there, but they were occasionally. He got to talk to them a bit. Said they looked like monkeys in real life, but they were sorta cool at least.

in hell the ultimate punishment for being a noughty soul is watching every marykate and ashley olsen movie ever made for eternity.

if that dosent scare people back into christianity/cathliconism/judism/whatever/ nothing will. :moogle:

“Catholiconism” is a branch of Christianity, Cait Sith. It’s not a different religion.


some would say otherwise. It’s safe to say that not all agree Valk.

i just made them seperate so i dont upset anybody.

better safe than sorry :moogle:

Whatever, I’m not gonna start an argument. This is supposed to be a discussion on the <strike>Crack Whore</strike>Olsen Twins, not religion.

Well, no matter which religion we follow, I am sure that we can all agree that the Olson twins are in some way shape or form, going to be cursed to a long period of suffering and pain, for all the bad products/movies they have attached their names to. I know that even from a heretic’s point of view, they are sinners and deserve to be sat down at a table and made to eat sandwiches until death. Which for them, eating sandwiches, would be a long slow way to die.

the sandwiches should have every fattining thing inside them so that the olsen twins wont even touch them.

that way they can be forcefed and make the torture that more gruesome.

and while were at it lets smear pudding on there faces and ruin there complexion. :moogle:

Skip the pudding! Sticks of butter!

skip the butter

grease from roasted ham :moogle: