Why Am I Doing This to Myself, You Ask?

I will tell you, ladies and gentlemen, it is a story you may be familiar with; a story of the fight for Freedom, for Urifascist terrorists seeking to subvert our libery, and a story of those who hide beneath bland, soft colours and don’t do a damned thing to keep them Uri bastards off our doorstep.
My fellow RPGCers like to delude themselves with false skins of security, I’m aware, but I see the threat that is Uriel, under any name in which he comes, and I see the way he tries to destroy our freedom.
I will not act like nothign is wrong and view these hallowed boards under the colours of “Go You Silver Britches” or “Raised to Hate Orange,” because I cannot die the threat Uriel poses. I view the world as it is, for all its ugliness and blindess-inducing colour schemes.
Unlike the lie unpatriotic RPGCers hope to assuage their fears and deny civic responsibility by reading the message boards under the calm wake of, I am taking an retina-fucking stand for Truth, Justice, Freedom, and the RPGCan way by changing my background to Tutti Frutti until the alert lowers, because I will be vigilant for my home.
RPGC Prevails, ladies and gentlemen, God Bless you and goodnight.

The Uriel is coming… he will have his way with the RPGCian infidels! AHAHAHAHAHHAH!

England Prevails.

When Britain first, at heaven’s command,
Arose from out the azure main;
This was the charter of the land,
And guardian Angels sung this strain:

Rule, Britannia, rule the waves;
Britons never will be slaves.

Is it just me or is Arac being very odd as of late?

Probably too much chicken in his diet.

I hope I’ve been an influence, at least insofar as “destroying his mind” multiple times by his own count.

The only thing strange here is the lack of vigilance you no-good goddamn pinko terrorist commie Urielists are upholding. Am I the only man willing to sacrifice his eyesight for God and Forum? I ask you, who will stand tall with me for the ideals our founding fathers held, back in the days before we were here, on other boards; ideals that survived great deletions.

This just in. The Uriel Alert status is lowered to RPGC Blue for everyone except Arac. He has to stay on watch using Tutti Fruity.

That’s a relief. The high alert status was restricting my ability to travel to and from different topics.

So RPGC is sending all of its troops to Ir… er… Arac, where there is no threat? Excellent! We shall destroy your way of life*! AHAHAHAHA!

*Just like the commies did.

I will stay vigilant where there may or may not be a threat that is just very well hidden or possibly moved to another country. We know there was a threat; there were aluminium tubes. Those are a threat to freedom I will gladly fight here to defend while RPGC is totally unguarded.

No, no, no. It’s: Rule, Rpgcania, rule the web;
Rpgcanians never will be slaves.

Get it right!

pree fost

Yeah, or as it was put in an article I once read, “that means he could either building nuclear weapons or a waterslide”.

Sorry Nul, will do better next time.

Arac, A wop bop a loo bop a lop bam bam

((OOC: Guys, I seriously have my boards on Tutty Frutti, and have for 2 days now. I just thought you all should know I was serious about this.))

puts on Proud to Be An RPGCan bumpersticker, on forehead Ha! I’m more patriotic than you!

We are as much to blame as the Uriels in this conflict. If only we weren’t trying to force our non-pastel-colored way of life on the Uriels, they wouldn’t feel the need to commit terroristic acts on us. I suggest an immediate and complete withdraw of troops from our foreign wars against the Urialists.

UN RPGCian no good godadamn pinko commie Urielist heathen traitour scum!