Whos badder, Ghaleon or Sephiroth?

Ghaleon deserted his kingdom so he could pursue world domination, he even enslaved the Godess Althena. Sephiroth turned on all of humanity, mass murdered countless people, and summoned Meteor to destroy the planet.

I vote Ghaleon, mainly becuase I believe Sephy is way too overated.


“Badder” isn’t a word.

Ghaleon. He tricked a deserted tribe of ugly monsters to work for him, captured DOZENS of young, beautiful (and nubile, I might add, wink wink, nudge nudge) songstresses, put the head of the magical guild under a powerful spell that suppressed her thoughts and replaced her with a member of the vile tribe, enslaved the four Dragons to power his Grindery, the big-ass machine of magic and machine, released the Goddess Althena to become a GOD himself, and almost destroyed the entire world t do so. And he did so, because he believed that he was right. I love Religious Zealots. :slight_smile:

Badder isint a word, but I think we all know what it means. Also this is about Ghaleon and Sephiroth, please do not say somebody like Kefka, because this is not about him.

Ghaleon, since he wasn’t a pretentious fuck in a black trenchcoat.

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Nightblade speaks the truth.
Kefka owns all villians.

Ghaleon. I would state the reasons, but
Valkyrie and BahamutXero took my answers =)

Ghaleon is the man. All the reasons were explained above.

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Nightblade speaks the truth.
Kefka owns all villians.

I agree with that 1 google %.

Another plus for Ghaleon- he’s a kick ass wizard.

Sephiroth is only tough because of the tortured existence he has to face up to, being the experiment of Hojo.

Ghaleon, on the other hand, got so fed up with human behaviour that he did all the nasty mean things Valkyrie mentioned earlier, then re-appeared 1000 years later (against his will) and still fought our heroes.

One nice touch about Ghaleon would have to be his rarely seen soft side. Remember the special section of the Grindery devoted to the faeries he loved so dear? He still kept them in captivity, but in beautiful captivity. 8)

Hate Sephy Fan-boys.

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Hate Sephy Fan-boys.

You mean Fan-<b>GIRLS</b>

Oh and wasnt that a good pun. Get a life you nerd, Tghey are only characters, you don’t insult people just because of what characters they like.

maybe my remarks were were not to nice, but seriously, this is suposed to be fun not insulting.

definetly sephiroth:)

I say Sephiroth.:fungah:

Sephiroth is definetly more evil and strong. p:unch::

But Sephiroth may not have been truly evil. He spent most of his time being manipulated by Jenova, so I would vote against Sephiroth on this.