Who is your favorite anime character?

Who is everyone favorite anime character/characters Just as the question says,
Mine is:
Bleach-Ichigo and Rukia

Mine is Yami Yugi from Yugi-Oh. Smart and wise (and occasionally scary) protagonists like him are rare in Anime.

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There’s not a single character in Yugioh that hasn’t been seen in a thousand other shows.

However the same can be said for Lina Inverse and Ed elric.

My other favorites include Amelia - Slayers, Taiga - Toradora, Ami - Toradora, Usagi, Makoto, Rei, Ami, Minako - Sailormoon, The Azumanga Daioh Cast

Those are more than one character.

Oh well, if we are naming more than one character then I don’t have to worry about which FMA character to choose because I choose them all (not including stuff from the original anime like the Archinator, Kid Wrath, Dante, The Brothers’ Not Mom, and so on).

Pikachu, I choose you!

Just kidding. Probably Creed from Black Cat and Hughes from FMA. Mind that I haven’t seen a lot of anime.

That’s gotta be one of the most hardest questions I’ve ever had to answer… there are just so many! :open_mouth:

I probably don’t have a single favourite… however one of my most favourites has got to be Urvine in Zoids (Chaotic Century) Mainly because he’s very resourceful and daring! But there are so many characters… I wouldn’t be able to list them all!

A creepy gay insane pedophile stalker is your favourite character?

Is this a trap question?

But Creed is awesome for the sheer fact that you can’t wait to see what crazy deranged thing he’ll do next. He’s kinda like Kefka, in a way. Except more gay. I love how in the scene when he goes absolutely bonkers and reveals his artistic, err, projects, Train just stands there looking completely unfazed.

Even if it’s criminally short and has no real ending, not to mention leaves oodles of question marks in its wake, I really like the main cast of Black Blood Brothers, especially Jiro. If anyone is able to make me actually forget about my frothing dislike for vampires, it has to be a great character. Also he’s apparently stolen Alucard’s hat, Vincent’s clothes and Sephiroth’s sword. That indicates some skills. Of course, there’s one scene where he gets defeated by a fountain.

The series do some interesting things with vampires and parodies itself and the whole genre* at the same time as being pretty damn epic.

*Friendly vampire chick: “So, did you let Jiro bite you to help him recover?”
Heroine chick (part of an organization helping vampires blend into society): “Of course not, it’s against regulations.”
Vampire chick: “How cruel. It’s better than sex, you now.”
Heroine: chokes on her tea

Wow, I really don’t know.
Give me a minute or two… Or an hour, maybe, to search through some anime so I can even remember all the characters in all the anime I’ve seen.
But one of the first that come to mind would be Onsokomaru from 2x2 Shinobuden. You just have to see it to understand the sheer insanity of it all.
But basically he is a winged, perverted pac-man that is also the leader of a large group of ninja.
In his introduction scene he claims to be a hawk. While smoking a cigarette.
Oh, and he’s voiced by Wakamoto Norio, which just makes him even more over the top. (Also does the voices for e.g. the Emperor of Britannia in Code Geass, Alexander Andersson in Hellsing Ultimate, Kagato in Tenchi Muyo and Vicious in Cowboy Bebop.)

True except that you almost never see the master manipulator type as a protagonist (and a GOOD person!) Except maybe Lelouch from Code Geas. (Though I hear he’s not that nice.)

Of course you can argue that the real protagonist of Yugioh is lil’ Yugi…

Yeah, Lelouch was a dick. I mean I hated him more for those that were close to him died and cheered when shit didn’t go his way. I’m sure there’s more manipulative protagonists in anime. Shame we can’t count Delita and Jowy, since they’re not anime characters.

I wouldn’t count Delita anyway. There’s a difference between thinking you’re a good person doing the right thing and actually being one.

Even outside Anime manipulative heroes aren’t that common. Sheridan from Babylon 5 is one, The Doctor too, Batman…

There is Light Yagami from Death Note (although he may not count since he’s a straight up villain rather than just a magnificent-bastard anti-hero like Lulu was).

But at least you knew that he was going to eat those motherfucking potato chips.

Spike Spiegel


I like Haruhi from Ouran. As well as Kyoko from Skip Beat, Tsukasa from Tokyo Crazy Paradise, and Yuko from xxxHolic.

I’ve also nearly finished watching Cowboy Bebop and I gotta say Edward’s a very amusing character… she has to be one of my new favourites along side Jet as well!

Ikkaku Madarame and Renji Abarai from Bleach
Alucard from hellsing
Love those animes as well.

While Lulu is a douche he’s at least well meaning. Also he’s hopelessly screwed by his circumstances even before the series started. Plus he’s up against douchebags so douchey that they’re almost Universal Century era Gundam level douches (hilariously enough the biggest douche of that series ended up being Lulu’s Mom (man did R2 suck)).