Who is your favorite anime character?

Wait, who was his mom?

Vegeta is my favourite in Dragon Ball Z episode 11.

This thread has become really infested with spambots lately.

Everywhere is infested by spambots and sadly they’re becoming increasingly more difficult to tell apart from real users. Mostly because they don’t really spam, they just post rubbish.

And related to the thread: Isn’t it pretty obvious?

If the problem is automated systems creating accounts and posting within the forums (if that’s possible… i’m not sure), why not incorporate captcha’s in the registration process?

However, if the spambots were actual people… then it wouldn’t work! ^^

We already do. Bots can bypass it. Everyone with less than five posts are also spam filtered. As you can see, they still get through.

Those flights to Nairobi are an excellent deal. Im gonna go this summer.

If you mean the girl from your avatar… is she from Bleach? (Have only seen a few episodes.)

Yeah I’m guessing they are actually people as oppose to automated systems. But I’ve never seen this on any other boards… why do they target this one in such masses?

Probably because of the relative inactivity compared to other boards?

Yeah, I guess! It’s pretty sad… I mean I’ve been using the RPGC for years (not as active member obviously)… and I kind of miss the old times! This site kind of gives me a sense of nostalgia in a way. :stuck_out_tongue: Nowadays, i see all spambots online when i log on. I wish I had joined years back.

Apparently forums in general are on the way out- everyone does all their talking with those godawful social networking sites. Shame, that~

Oh and, Shana. :V

It’s largely because we’re on a horribly outdated and expired version of vBulletin. It’d cost a small fortune to upgrade it. And yes, it’s Rukia from Bleach.

Yeah I think it’s more due to the format; I’ve had at least one forum die under me (“Oddball Comics” not that it ever had a lot of posters) and there was nary a bot ever there. If anything links from other gamesites might be luring them here.

PS:Shinryu By ‘Networking Sites’ you mean Facebook? I wouldn’t know, I’ve avoided those (I do have a MySpace page but that was because my niece insisted on making me one, I never visit it.) Do those gets spam as well?

vBulletin 4 is outdated? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I meant sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like. I don’t use any of them either, but I’ve definitely seen a marked decrease in traffic on my own forums since those sites really took off. (I figure around mid-2008 there~) Like we’re talking in the area of 70-80%. It’s quite frustrating :confused:

This version of it, yes. The current is 4.1.2.

I think it’s something more than the outdated version. It could be something like what Wil said… other sites luring …through advertising perhaps.

As for other social networking sites… I’ve tried to avoid them too, but I’ve had to get a facebook account. for certain reason other than leisure.

Light from Death Note, L from Death Note and Zero from Vampire Knight! :smiley: