Who is the best KH character...?

Kairi! Kairi! KAIRI, YOU HEAR ME!? Ahem sorry…she’s my favourite, which is why I was REALLY happy when I got my result for the KH Quizilla test! YAAAAAAY! I’m like Kairi sing-songs

Kairi’s cool…but Riku is better! He is soooooooooo cute! I mean geez! The eyes make him look sooooo hot! :kissy:

Riku, he’s like a satanic Chibi-Sephiroth.

Okay yeah…so Riku is a bit of a cutie, but, uh…I still stand by Kairi! Oh yeah, Sephiroth Hayes? Is that a comment from Red Dwarf on your sig or is that just me?? :hyperven:

Red Dwarf baby. Are you English? If not then you get a cookie. It’s from when Holly just brings Rimmer back as a hologram and Lister’s moaning about Holly’s choice.

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Meh I always get Sephy. :smiley:

I vote Sora because he has the key blade, and I thought that was a unique weapon that they used.

Ha, ha! Veeeeeery funny, Sephiroth Hayes! Um…I guess that’s a reasonable reason, Ramza…coughIliedCough…nah! Just kidding! :mwahaha:

Bah Sora, Riku is waaayyy cooler and he has a keyblade too soo really you should vote Riku if it’s keyblades you want since not only is Riku cooler but the only Keyblade better than Riku’s is Oblivion (when I say that I mean in terms of looks) since Ultima Weapon while being mega-powerful looks crap. But Oblivion owns you.

Oh yeah! Go Riku!! He’s a hottie!! :kissy:

Anyway, yeah, he’s got a cooler Keyblade! The Oblivion rocks, and does mega-cool damage! TAKE THAT STUPID BODY-POSSESSING ANSEM!! That’ll teach you for hurting Kitty Cat Gal’s guy!! :mwahaha:

Kitty why do you think I put things in spoilers? I would spoiler the bit about Ansem and the bit about Riku’s keyblade It’s unfair to the people who haven’t got that far yet.

Sorry…okay then. Fine Riku’s Keyblade rocks over all! his sword is just as mad!! Mwahahahaha! Taste bitter defeat, Sora!!! :mwahaha:

-_- Kitty you might want to edit your other post. (Delete all the Ansem/Keyblade stuff then put them in spoilers.)

And I found Keyblade wielding Riku the hardest boss in the game, I mean compared to him Ansem was a pussy. But then Sephiroth owns them all.

And you might want to tone down on the fan-girliness. Also spoiler the bit about Riku fighting Sora, that is a spoiler.

Stop criticising me!! It’s not like anyone ignores the spoilers when they come anyway! Curiosity gets the better of them! And they say curiosity killed the cat! Bah! It’s more like the cat killed curiosity! :mwahaha: Or…was it the other way around…?

Me looking at a spoiler of FFTactics when I hadn’t even seen the game is foolish rumors…glances around room

You don’t understand… It ruins the game for those who haven’t got that far. It’s unfair to them. So put 'em in spoilers. Why do you think I do? How would you like to have the story of KH ruined?
I’m not criticsizing you, I’m pointing out that it is unfair to blurt out the plot without spoilers.

Kitty Cat and Lady Angel, can you shrink your sigs? They’re way too long.

Kairi is my favourite. She’s like another version of Aerith, in a way, when you compare the personalities…

Donald rocks!

Sorry Guys, But Sora and Riku tie for first in my books just like another pair of guys, one dark, one light… ooops! sorry, got off topic. GO SORA, GO RIKU, GO LADY ANGEL!!!


Cloud’s the best character in KH, I don’t care what you say.

I would have to say Riku and Kairi are the best. Riku is just a plain hottie, and Kairi is one of the only girls. GIRL POWER!!! Nah…but she is pretty cool! Just not as cool as Tifa!

The FFs are good too, but…waaaaaaaaaaah! Tifa wasn’t in it! Not fair! Lady Angel, you HAVE to put her in your ficcy!