Who is the best KH character...?

Err why? Tifa has nothing to do with KH and never will do. SE only put in popular characters, like Cloud or teh Sephiroth. Tifa isn’t popular enough, you may like her, but compared to the masses and masses of Cloud and Sephiroth fans the Tifa fans are a minority. And although many retarded people think, it is NOT Tifa at the end of Another Side: Another Story.

Yeah…I know. It’s plainly obvious that it’s Kairi! God! Since when did Tifa have red hair, anyway…!?

I’m a Tifa-fan! I’ll always say stuff like that, you know!

Blind owns Tifa, Riku (or does he?), Sora, Kairi and everyone else in KH.

HAH!! Blind (I think…It’s Riku) will never take her down! She’ll beat him to the ground!

Though I have to admit he’s cute…and completely wicked in that clip!

You seem to misunderstand. Blind is one of the Unknowns, like the Enigmatic Man in KH: Final Mix. The Unkowns wield great and terrible power, eg: Dual Keyblades. And d’you think Tifa would survive the fall from the top of that building? Plus there would be no way for Tifa to fight Heartless, since she has no Keyblade.
Tifa’s good, but against Blind her powers are as nothing.

mumblestupidSephirothHayesmumble Fine…you bring up a point. Damn man…I tasted defeat…cool! Been waiting for a challenge!

Don’t worry about it :slight_smile: Not as if you stood a chance, you’ll find that I’m a KH and DD expert, so I DO know what I’m talkin’ about. Anyway FF7 IS the best RPG, but only just, I’d say KH is almost as good.

Mm-hm. Trailing just behind FF7 by a thread would be FF8 and KH. Sephiroth’s One-Winged-Angel music is better in KH, I think…a whole lot bouncier…or is the other way around? Hm…something worth considering…

OWA without a doubt is the most kickass KH song there is, except maybe Hikari Planit B remix. (No that is not a mistake it is spelt like that.)

By the way Chibi, I also think you are cool. Nice to have someone to trounce with my superior KH knowledge :slight_smile:

Thanks! And I think you’re even cooler since you have the same favourite song in KH that I do! Woooooooooow!!!

What’s your e-mail? PM it to me! I think we’ll get along just fine…

You’re the first person who’s actually proved me wrong KH wise…cool stuff!

Cool. KH owns you all.

Raises glass in the air Here-here to that! Chers to Kingdom Hearts! Drinks

Ah…white wine always hits the spot…Hiccups Oopsy…

And I can’t wait for KH 2, if DD is anything to go by that is gonna be one kickass game…

Mm-hm. It sure will be! Can’t wait to check out Those awesom Unknowns. Go The Dual-Weilding One!

That’s all I’ll say for now…I think I’m drunk of that stupid white wine, and I only took one little sip…alright! Who spiked it!?

Yup teh Keyblades rock. And I’m just wondering what the Unknowns have to do with the story…

Me, too. It’s just so interesting…hm…

The most interessting thing is The sitting unknown says to the dual unknown “You look just like him” The same thing the unknown said to Sora in KH Final Mix. The dual then says:“Where is Sora?”

That Deep Dive Ending, Kingdom Hearts 2 Teaser really teased me and now I can’t wait.

Hey, yeah! Now that’s something to think about, isn’t it…? Hm…damn, man! More teasers to make my head spin!

I wonder why the KH2 trailer is not that focused on Sora.

Maybe it is, and we don’t know it… coughsubtlehintcough