Which Game Developers have the spottiest track record?

I gotta say capcom. They come out with a mindblowing game, once it takes off, then BAM, they run the fucker into the ground, most of the games end up sucking pretty hard, then they come out with the sequel. The’yre one company who rely on just the name alone to sell their game.

Cryo deserve a special mention here because they were so god-damned bad. Luckily they’re dead now. May their games burn in hell.

What games did they do?

Hellboy, a bunch of adventure games, and some of the older Army Men games.

Heh, ouch.

3DO, oh god how I hate 3DO

DMC2 ended up horrible.

But the Onimusha Series kept on improving.

Everyone hates 3DO. They made the rest of the Army Men games.

I’d say Sega, except that many of the games that they release are cool anyways.


Two words: Superman 64.

Actually, it’s one word and a number.

Eidos. The first Tombraider was good, but man… Let it go…let it go…

Time to get some hatemail…

Square. One good series, several mediocre / boardering on bad series. Try to show some damned consistancy. Either give all of them some attention, or stop making Unlimited Saga or Driving Emotion Type S or The Bouncer. Note that most of Square’s upcoming lineup is Final Fantasy. I guess they pre-emptively took my advice.

Aside from that, I’d say Acclaim. I can’t remember the last good Acclaim game, but I can rattle off a list of bad ones (Dave Mirra, BMX XXX, Mary Kate & Ashley, Legends of Wrestling, Turok, Gladiator, etc, etc, etc).

You gotta admire the persistance of 3DO though. Their army men games sucked, so they kept making more, as if to yell to the world “YOU WILL LIKE ARMY MEN!”

How about Romero’s Ion Storm… the office in Dallas, I believe.

Anyone say Daikatana?

Hell, the only good game from them was Anachronox, and it could of been better, if it wasn’t for a rushed, and rather apathetic, release.

Interplay. They made Descent, and while the idea may have been good, the game got boring fast.

Interplays actually a publisher, Descent was made by Volition.

Probably Titus. Even 3do has made the Heroes of might and magic series.

A moment of silence, if you will, for Looking Glass Studios.

Farewell you crazy bastards.

Ironically, Titus owns Interplay.

And I think Ion Storm had one other good game, depending on your opinion of the first Deus Ex.

But that was Carmack’s office… I was talking about Romero’s Ion Storm