Which FF Character Do You Most Admire?

Which Final Fantasy character do you most admire? Which one do you look up to? Which one do you consider a role model? Which one do you want to emulate, to be like, to adopt their values?

Locke Cole (from FF6) and Vincent Valentine(from FF7) are both pretty cool I guess…

Sir Cecil Harvey, the Paladin King of Baron. How can you NOT respect a former dark knight who becomes a Warrior of God? Granted, I believe he was the first real case of a hero suffering from angst, but at least his is justified.


Zell is a focused, highly successful student with a well-oiled machine of a body. He takes his job and his hobbies extremely seriously. He’s a meticulous guitar player and body builder. He possesses general finesse. He has family values; he is polite to his mother and his father’s guns hang on his wall in memory. He’s clean and well organized, as indicated by the state of his room. His banks of knowledge are impressive, and you can tell he makes studying a part of his everyday life, not just his school life.

His only flaw is his provocability.

Cloud Strife. Being able to block bullets that were fired right next to him makes him uber cool.

Ramza Belouve. During chapter 3 and 4 to be more precise.

The guys goes against his former allies, two armies, the church and the hordes of motherfucking hell when all he has on his side is his little band of equally suicidal buddies and no super-ultra-powerful Limit Break/Trance skills to pull out of his ass on the last minute. Call him naïve if you want, but in the end in the end as crappy as his life may end up being and even though it would take several generations for anyone to even hear his name, between himself and all his enemies, he’s the only one who actually remains alive. And the Über-Squire is the best support class ever.

On the other hand, Zidane is probably the most charismatic and lovable main character I’ve ever seen.

Auron: He is strong both mentally and physically. Plus he comes back from the dead to watch over his fallen friends children, and to make sure they don’t make the same mistake he made. Now if that ain’t impressive I don’t know what is.

Aeris: A person who seems to me a good person as a role model. Shes a nice person and very loving to most.

Ramza: I look up to him for how he sticks up for himself and his friends. He does what he thinks is right even though he might not know what the right thing to do is.

Kefka: He taught me how to poison an entire town via the water supply.


Fujin is very loyal, quiet, and powerful. She respects the chain of command, follows her leader unconditionally; and instills respect and admiration from subordinates.
She is beautiful and modest – she does not flaunt her splendor unlike most of the women of her age and status. Her attire is simple, fashionable, very attractive and practical. One of her best qualities is laconic speech pattern.

Her only flaw is the secret crush on Rinoa. That one minor imperfection jeopardized her final mission and her leader’s honor (and fame).

Oh, look, Locke is all four answers. Wonder how that happened. Not that I’m a fanboy or anything.

Whoa, Fujin had the hots for Rinoa? O_o I don’t remember that. :open_mouth:

A quick google image search makes that flaw an asset. Pun fully intended. Although vaginaset would be more accurate. Just doesn’t work.

see? i always knew Fujin was gay. All the way back since the first time i played FF8

By the way, I’ve always had a thing for Kefka, but recently i got a copy of FFX, so my choice goes to Tidus. It’s just because i’d like to play blitzball as well as him. !!!JECHT SHOT!!! crash

What were you searching for?
Err… not that I care.

I’m sure the fact that her leader was complete idiot with anger management problems had nothing to do with that.

If I were to limit my choices to FFVIII, I would have to say Kiros and Ward. Fujin and Raijin are certainly very admirable for remaining to Seifer, but these two take the cake for sticking with such a blatant idiot like Laguna. Lovable, yes. Eventually successful, that too. But take a look at his story and tell me he had any prospects other than dying like a worm because of his nonexistent wits.

Kain. Now, Cecil is also admirable, but I would think that we could all empathize more clearly with Kain, a man who gave in to his demons, realized this, but has not truly freed himself from them due to human weakness, and still aspires to a higher virtue. Cecil simply defeats his dark side, and that’s the end of that. It’s too simple, too easy.

I’m starting to wonder if people really get the difference between respecting someone and admiring someone.

I searched for Rinoa Fujin and nothing else, after he said that, because I simply knew porn would come up. And big surprise, it did.

Val, I think you make a good point.

Admire? Ramza, for previously stated reasons. He went against everything to do the right thing. That takes some serious guts to do (durhur, pun).

Respect? Yuna, for her ability to perservere even in light of what she learns during her travels. She has the dedication to do focus totally on one thing, something I could never do.

Role model? Auron, for his role of protector. Everybody should be able to be as protective and create a feeling of security like Auron projects around him.

Emulate? Tidus, for his ability to make others smile even when everyone else is down. He’s just so irrepressibly joyful (even if some it is incredibly stupid) that one can’t help but laugh in his presence.