Where do you see yourself?

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I dunno what time period I’d live in, in an RPG, but I’d also stick to my current time in real life. I will so not go with without a toilet, a computer or birth control, thank you.

Toilets and birth control are ancient, actually.

They had toilets in ancient Rome, I doubt the lot of us would have liked having toilets as a forum though. People went there, and did their stuff while talking to the people sitting around them.

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Toilets and birth control are ancient, actually.

Really?How so?

I think… in an RPG some medival library/church, studying white magic chuckles Though I like modern day and my life, I think that’s where I’d be in RPG circumstances.

Three Kingdoms/Late Han Dynasty China, whoopin’ serious ass, Halberd style.

“Like read books, draw, go for a walk. I’m not saying any of you watch to much T.V. or anything like that cause I know most of you are smart and have a life so…”

TV is not inherently bad.

As for the question, I think 18th century europe and asia.

Perhaps I see me as some Nuclear age/Atomic age…

Never wanted to learn the past and rarely think about the future, because the past is just memories and the future is just imagination.

The creativity of the present is at its best.

Any time period would work for me, except for the Deus Ex future. I’d need enough guns and ammo to last a small army in order to so much as walk down to the store for eggs.

Real: The future, if better, now, if not.

Game: Good question. I won’t settle on one, because if life was in a fantasy, mine would involve a lot of traveling.

Pre-Sin Spira, maybe. I don’t know.

Really I’d prefer ancient Rome. At the beginning of the Republic. Latin is the best language ever. Best ever. Plus, the whole ancient world thing appeals to me. Ancient China or Japan would be cool too, but I don’t know as much about them.

Game:The Final Fantasy Tactics world or The Meiji Restoration Era

Real Life:The tree kingdoms era or The meiji era too I dont know why but i really like the stuff about samurais and the like

For real life, I see nothing better than today. And as for an RPG world, I’d want to live in Filgaia, preferably the Sielje area. It just looks so cozy, and it’s snowing, but it doesn’t look cold.

PS: Do you guys like these threads? Shall I continue to make more?

Cyberpunk- the (hypothetical and improbable) alternative future for the year 2020. Cybercompost is a “shoot first ask questions later” type of guy, and I picture him as some sort of rockerboy (a male OR a female that has actual meaning in his music), probably in a heavy metal band.

This is a time when corporations have taken over (even moreso than now, Kaiser :p), where the only thing available for consumption is soy- excepting the EXTREMELY rich. Yeah, it sucks, so you have to have a certain kinda attitude for it.

For those of you who have played Shadowrun, its that without magick and there are only humans. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oh yeah, you can actually ENTER the internet by plugging yourself into it. Its really damned cool. Read “Neuromancer” by Gibson. Anyway- thats all I can think of for now.

Cyberpunk is an excellent RPG (FNFF is an awsome system).

Gibson’s Neruomancer was the basis for it and I personally like that setting a bit better. The world of “Snow Crash” is another good one =)

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Really I’d prefer ancient Rome. At the beginning of the Republic. Latin is the best language ever.

Te oportet mecum babararum in forum linguarum colloqui; filum nuper novum aliquis coepit sed reliquit. Tristitia filo relicto illo nunc in corde volvit, cum mihi exercenda sit dictio Latina ne obbliviscar. ;_;

hmm well i have a few i would want. feudal japan, meiji restoration era, time where elven and man walked along side each other, in the underdark where the drows live, in demon realm where it like feudal japan.

but where the place i want to be is in japan present time becomeing a voice actor.

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Really?How so?

One of the first civilizations, in India, had a plumbing system. But toilets have always been around if only in the form of a hole in the ground. You’re just looking ones that carry your mess away :stuck_out_tongue:

As for birth control, there was sheepskin and stuff.

I see myself most at home in my town during the 50’s

I dont know why…but i see my great grandmas picture of her farmhouse before it became a housing development, and i just get all nostalgic, the rolling plains, i can see as far as forever…it just seems great…and being my town, i wouldnt have to deal with the other pressures of the 50’s such as racial segrogation…

Yea…i see myself in the West Chester 50’s…

But for a videogame? I would want to live in fishermans horizon, balamb town, or ellones hometown…all from FF8, but, they are really the only locations i could feel at home in…

Ahhh, the music of balamb and FH…brings a tear to my eye…

An interesting fact about that. Ever wondered why Iron is referred to as PB on the Periodic Table? Well, plumbing was usually done with iron. And back then, I think the Latin word for iron is “plumb” or something along the lines of that.

That’s hard. For the real life category, I’d have to go with future. I’m such a nerd when it comes to technology.

As for RPG and fantasy things, I’d go with . . . I’m not sure. Probably the world in FFVIII. Not to futureistic, yet not in the past. Is that even a choice?