Where do you see yourself?

Hi there, it’s me with another one of those posts in which I ask a simple question and get a lot of responses. Why? Well, it seems to bring the community together and lets us know a little bit more about ourselves. Anyway, here’s this week’s question:

Which video game/RPG world or real-life historical era do you think fits your character best? Why?

A world like England or France in the fifteenth century, with perhaps some aspects of Renaissance Italy. Chivalry was still a major trend at that time, although it was put into practice far less (by my judgement, at least). Nevertheless my chivalric and artistic aspirations fit very nicely into that period of time. Most of my favourite styles of art (including styles of weapons, armour and clothes) and architecture were en vogue then as well. A world of castles and tournaments is where my soul belongs.

I suppose that I could live in the real fifteenth century, although I should not enjoy it as much. However, I should very much like to speak Middle English and Middle French (I think that the older forms of both of those languages are more beautiful than their current forms).

I sometimes joke and say that I was born with a label which read ‘Best before 1500’.

. And your username certainly has that feel to it, too. 8) Thanks for replying! It was a nice read.

I’m not sure really. I do know that I don’t really fit into the modern age and would have liked to lived in more ancient times.

Pretty much anywhere. The Antiquity, the Rennesance, The Age of Enlightenment. A lot of the things I like are from before the 19th century, there isn’t much of a reason beyond that.

Yes, I can picture Nulani around Gothic architecture.

Did they have church organs in those ages? My history classes pretty much skipped the history of intruments.

A giant church organ and a Gothic arcitechture would be heaven on earth.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Pong, totally. Well, that or this age. My entire process of thinking and surviving is adapted to this era, so I’d fit the best in here. Feudal Japan and Medieval Sctoland just have a lot of romance, but I’d so get my ass kicked there :stuck_out_tongue:

20th Century. Either in between the world wars or during the cold war era.

Damn - an actual thought provoking question heh.

Hmmm…RPG world I would have to say Ansalon from The Dragonlance series. It is a world I am love and I think i would have made a great Kender =)

Real world I would say The Tang Dynasty of China during the rule of Li Shimin. I am facsinated by chinese culture and that period was china’s “Golden Age” =)

Hmmm… Let me see…
In an RPG, I’d choose Shandalar (the world of M:TG in an old PC game), or maybe Britannia (from the Ultima game series).
As for a period of history in the real world, I think it’s difficult to decide. The Middle Ages were stto barbaric, and people strayed from the ideals of chivalry… Hmmm… Well, maybe the Renaissance would be an age I’d like to live in. Another choice would be the distant future, since I’m always wondering how things will turn out for humanity.

Well, for an RPG/video game world, I would have to go for either FF8’s Earth, or FFX’s Spira. But only if I could live around the time that the teams are fighting, so that I could be a helping hand in some/any way.

As for a historical era, I would just have to say Feudal Japan. I just love the whole image of living in the times of major battles, samurais and ninjas. And, of course true honour, they truly knew what honour meant back then, unlike people today, very few people even know the meaning of the word, let alone go by it.
All those things appeal to me, since I been interested in them for years.

Videogame: Most likely Faêrun. I’m such an adventurer.

Real life location/era? Perhaps dark ages Arabia…

Arabian nights… :slight_smile: The tales of a thousand and one nights…

TO be honest, if I were in a video game, with my character and personality, I’d probably get lynched.

I’ll stick to this time period, thank you very much.

I’ve got a TARDIS. I can go anywhere :ah-ha!:

Seriously, though, I’d kinda like to be in medieval Scotland- going around whacking people with bloody great big claymores while wearing facepaint has a strange appeal to me… :get it?:

I dunno what time period I’d live in, in an RPG, but I’d also stick to my current time in real life. I will so not go with without a toilet, a computer or birth control, thank you.

Mabat: great new avatar.

And, actually, that reminds me, that for some reason the late 1700’s kinda appeal to me, too. Dunno why.

I don’t really know rpgwise (suggestions, people?), but the Meiji Restoration period would be best for meee. ^.^

Originally posted by Manus Dei
The Middle Ages were stto barbaric, and people strayed from the ideals of chivalry…

The barbarity of the Middle Ages is all a matter of opinion; I myself do not think of them as all ‘barbaric’. Furthermore, I do not think that everyone was unchivalrous; just like today, there were good people and there were bad people (also, any non-noble was not subject to chivalric tradition, and non-nobles constituted the vast majority of the population). There are accouts that some knights and nobles did act chivalrously and were good at heart. You also say that ‘people strayed from the ideals of chivalry’, implying that there was once a time when they adhered; the truth is, there is absolutely no historical evidence that such a period existed. As I see it, the ‘Golden Age of Chivalry’ existed, exists and will exist in chivalric literature, but it never did in the real world, does not and probably never will.

If you think that the Middle Ages were barbaric, then you would probably find the Renaissance not much different, Manus.

Originally posted by KaiserVonAlmasy
And, actually, that reminds me, that for some reason the late 1700’s kinda appeal to me, too. Dunno why.

Perhaps because it was the time for much development in political thought and the beginning of social revolution in Western Civilisation?

Sometime were everyone is equal (more or less) and has to use there skills to survive, and not have as much electronics, just like a radio or something. I think people would be more apt to think for themselves if they didn’t rely on T.V. and stuff to entertain them. Like read books, draw, go for a walk. I’m not saying any of you watch to much T.V. or anything like that cause I know most of you are smart and have a life so…

I’ll shut up now. crawls away :too bad;

Modern. That, or DBZ-style for some reason.