When do you snap?

Me, when my dad throws my marijauna stash away.

Then hide it better, stupid.

well, I do now but I used to put it in a lock box that I got for christmas 5 years ago and my dad still had the key somehow found the box, and opened it. The rest is history

I should certainly snap if a member of my family or my pet were killed.

I love haggis, though, so I should be delighted if I were served that.

i’m one step closer to the egde, and i’m about to break!!!

People who are ignorant and proud of it make me want to snap.

When someone touches me, or when my stash gets jacked.

When people are constantly at me…for…four…fucking…years…in…a…row, I snap. Snap good.

Thats kind of sad. =\

Whenever I feel like it.

All of the above. XD

Monty Python collection, definitely.
“I will not buy this record, it is scratched.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever I’m sitting around and I’m just bored, I’ll just snap for the hell of it. It’s fun. Sometimes it happens randomly when I listen to music, too. I don’t know what comes over me, but when I listen to some types of music…I just fuckin’ snap. Unfortunately, I can’t snap with my left hand, only my right hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

I second that.

As this angry-looking fellow would say: Touch me and die! :mwahaha:

When someone invades my personal bubble.

When someone touches my beer… or any other thing I own

-When people talk shit :too bad:
-when people constantly bitch at me for stupid reasons or at all :fungah:
-when any CD disk or whatever gets scratched :noway:
-When Im REALLY hungry :thud:
-When Im practicing on my guitar or drumset and cant play a song right! p:unch::

uh,skankin’ garbage …I think King Missle meant “snap” as in getting crazingly pissed, not snap ‘finger-wise’

SG likes to use out of context sacrasm in the Polling forum(and most other forums for that matter). Sometimes, it’s funny.

oh, point taken